Is Working From Home A Blessing In Disguise?

With the impact of Covid-19 on the world, businesses are adapting to creative innovations and leading teams on a remote basis. However, is this a favorable choice for business owners?

There are many reasons why your company can improve by running operations from home and not the office. This strategy will help to reduce the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus, while also creating a variety of other perks.

Here’s why working from home may be a blessing in disguise: 

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From This Change

1. Improved time management

You could see your staff members become more productive in their home environment. This will bode well for businesses when looking to complete and meet deadlines. According to an article published by Forbes based on a public survey through Flex Jobs, more than 60% of people said that they are more productive at home. 

This may have something to do with cutting the time-consuming commute to the office.

2. Businesses can save on costs 

For some companies, a cut in employee salaries isn’t as harsh as having to let a worker go. In certain cases, employees agreed that they would accept a cut in their paycheck to work from home.

With that said, this would work in the company and the employee’s favor. A reduction in the salary may be necessary to accommodate the slow income and the drop in sales during the lockdown. This may also aid businesses while trying to recover the economy.

3. Business owners can depend on their staff

It’s always better to have a team on your side that can take the initiative, work well on their own, and are accountable. Remote work could instill and allow for this change to take place across the employee network. 

Some important skills that your remote workers should have are the ability to set and meet deadlines. They should also execute instructions and solve problems on their own.  

4. Find talent with your options open

When you’re looking to use new staff sometimes, owners only have limited options. These may include sourcing in-house personnel. But with remote work, you could extend those positions to a broader audience, such as freelancers.  Freelancers are beneficial for businesses no matter the size and help to cut the expenses costs. 

With Fiverr, you’ll have a better chance of selecting the most suitable freelancers in all categories to help your business. Which may not be the case if you only sourced your team on the inside?

5. Better performance from staff members when they work from home

When your staff members are happy, they tend to work better. If businesses allow their staff to work in the comfort of their home, it could help to reduce any extra stress that the workplace may cause.

Now, more than ever, the uncertainty of jobs is rife. If that isn’t enough stress, some employees may worry about their income and whether they would have a job for much longer.

Entrepreneurs can work out a fixed plan with their staff that will accommodate income. They can also negotiate their hours worked and any other related aspects.

Is There a Downside to Remote Work?

Operating your business from home can have negative aspects, too, and the process may not be as simple for some owners.

If your company hasn’t transitioned to a paperless system, doing things outside the office can result in immense challenges. It would increase the workload and preparation which could lead to less time focused on marketing and more spent on prep work.

Entrepreneurs can use digital transformation strategies while running their business from a remote stance. To take on this challenge, a digitally focused culture must form part of the company’s strategy. Using online tools such as CMS (Content Management Systems), cloud storage, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) plays a vital role in this transformation.

Could Working From Home Be A Long Term Solution For Business Owners?

Coronavirus has a hand in every decision that entrepreneurs and families make during this uncertain time.

It may be long before things go back to something “normal,” but still, changing to a more remote business operation could help company owners to continue to grow their business in the face of great challenges. 

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