Introducing Fiverr’s New and Improved Data Services

Big news: the Fiverr marketplace now includes all the Data services your brand or business needs. It’s the first new vertical in over seven years, and it’s here to support the growing demand for expert services in an increasingly data-driven world. Curious about what data is, and how it can be used to boost your business or brand? Keep reading. 

Why Does Data Matter?

Data is the collection of consumer behaviors, trends, and statistical numbers that is analyzed to empower businesses to make informed decisions. By interpreting their data effectively, brands can use insights to become more efficient and profitable. More specifically, data analysis has the power to reduce overall costs, increase sales and revenue, improve pricing decisions, provide a competitive advantage, and increase efficiency in decision-making. 

It’s clear effective data analysis will help a brand pinpoint operational inefficiencies, gain insight into consumer shopping preferences, and determine untapped opportunities. But how does a business collect data and then analyze it effectively? That’s where Fiverr’s Data services come in.

The Power of Data Services

When a brand begins to collect and utilize data, the amount of work involved quickly becomes apparent. Fiverr’s new Data services empower business owners to make the most of their data with the help of professional Sellers. From manual data handling and storage solutions through analysis and automations to science and algorithmics, the new Data services offer incredible value and expertise to business owners. These services are categorized as follows:

  • Data Science
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analytics
  • Databases
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Entry

Data for Small Businesses

Think your business is too small to utilize data services? Think again. Small businesses need data to succeed just as much as large corporations do. While data analytics was once limited to big companies with deep pockets, there are now data tools that companies on a tighter budget can utilize. Where might small businesses find these tools? In Fiverr’s new Data services. (You knew that was coming.)

As businesses realize the power of data, the need for professionals who know how to interpret and analyze that information has increased. Fiverr’s Data services include Sellers with the skills to analyze your data and optimize your business. Investing in data analytics will help you make more informed decisions, improve your operational efficiency, and ultimately increase your revenue. 

TLDR: don’t sleep on data services.

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