In Doers We Trust: From an Ideal to a Movement

In the nearly seven years since Fiverr was launched, we’ve built something special: A community of millions spread across 190 different countries, posting over 10 million Gigs, and buying over 30 million services.

We’ve taken great pride in helping talented people find an outlet for their skills and create personal brands. We’ve helped entrepreneurs build small businesses from nothing, democratizing services that never would have previously been available to so many. And we’ve given countless freelancers the opportunity to pursue their real passions and create a life they want rather than the one their demographic, geographic, or social standing would traditionally dictate.

If you think I sound like a proud parent, you’re right. In fact, I’d often find myself half-jokingly looking up what to expect from a 4, 5, and 6-year-old each of the last few years. So, what should we expect from a 7-year-old?

According to our friends at BabyCenter, “Sevens are delightful to be around. They’ve shed a bit more of the neediness and uncertainty of younger years, and bring enthusiasm and curiosity to everything they do. Sevens tend to ask lots of questions, because they’re keen observers with a big need to know about everything.”

After 10 million Gigs and 30 million transactions, I’d say we’ve shed much of our uncertainty, but our enthusiasm has only grown. We’ve asked a lot of questions, and we know quite a bit about the world the Fiverr community lives in.

It’s a world where all of us are asked to do more with less, working longer hours with more competition for the same opportunity. It’s one that asks each of us to do whatever it takes, because that’s exactly what our businesses need to succeed. We call it the age of the lean entrepreneur.

We’re the ones who get it done. It’s that emotion and identity that’s given us the inspiration behind “In Doers We Trust.” Not only is it a true embodiment of the Fiverr ethos, community, and brand, it’s at the core of what makes so many beyond just our community tick, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.


It’s a label that few of us have ever given ourselves, but it expresses so much about what we stand for. It’s a role we should claim proudly, and that includes celebrating the ideals of lean entrepreneurship in both real and digital communities beyond our own. From social hubs like YouTube and Facebook to mass transit commutes in some of the U.S.’s biggest cities, we will salute the attitude and impact doers, freelancers, creators and makers have on the world. Anyone engaging with Fiverr will feel a renewed focus and connection to these ideals, starting here.

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Have a look. Poke around. Stand up and be counted. Throw feedback our way. We’ll be listening.

We know success is earned not through talk, but through action, so we created a community of people specializing in getting things done. We believe everyone has a right to succeed, so our marketplace is open and accessible to anyone. We believe in trust and quality, so we built a safe and intuitive product for the passionate people and businesses who strive to be the very best.

We know that doers are at their best when they’re doing, so Fiverr’s experience allows creativity and productivity to grow for freelancers and entrepreneurs, both on the marketplace and in the cities you call home.

My commitment to all of you is to continue building a marketplace that will enable lean entrepreneurship so that all of you, and anyone else who is willing to pour sweat and tears into their work, can thrive in this new economy.

But it’s a two-way street. As a community, don’t ever stop pushing, growing, and evolving. Keep hustling and keep grinding each day to make it more productive than the last.

Simply put:

Wake up every day to get shit done.

We’ll help you do it.

What do you want to DO this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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