How to Use Fiverr for Your Holiday Greetings

The countdown to spiked egg nog and your annual Christmas movie marathon is on! But, is your business ready for the holiday season, too? 

Ut-oh! If you’ve overlooked the need to wish your audience, buyers, partners, colleagues and customers a joyous season, it’s not too late.

Behind the scenes at the Fiverr Holiday Store, hundreds of creative little elves are ready to put together the best holiday greetings from your business—not sure where to start? Thank goodness the 7 ways below can help!

7 Ways to Wrap Up Your Holiday Marketing this Season

Everyone is in the spirit, so why not play along? Let Fiverr creatives wow your crowd from now through New Year’s celebrations.

1. A Holiday Card

Ah, an old fashioned paper card tucked neatly in the mailbox is always a welcome sight during the holidays. 

Fiverr’s freelance team can craft the perfect prose, design a lovely image and make this holiday dream a reality for everyone on your nice list!

2. A Festive Logo 

So you love your branding but want to amplify it with a glowing menorah or cutesy Santa hat? Fiverr can do that. 

A freelance graphic artist will maintain the integrity of your company logo while enhancing it for all your holiday useslike seasonal newsletters, social media posts and website pages!

3. A Clever Video

If your audience loves to linger over cute clips, why not make a holiday video? 

From animated gifs of singing dogs to video footage of cats climbing trees, they can put together whatever your audience will respond to most. Just give them the green light!

4. A Seasonal Newsletter

If this is your time of year to wish your consumers well and give them a preview of something happening at the start of 2020, do it with a long-form content newsletter

This holiday greeting resembles the warm, classic family letter often shared during the holidays. 

5. A Catchy Jingle

Why not play with the intro to your podcast or add a sound bite to your website during the holidays? 

A clever jingle is just a few clicks away thanks to the magic of the music-minded Jingles & Drops Writers at Fiverr.

6. A Formal Invitation

From seasonal fundraisers to holiday parties, an invitation is a must to get the word out. 

Whether you want it digital or ready to print on paper, it’s possible to have the design, complete with a one-of-a-kind illustration, in-hand within days. 

7. A Special Flyer

Coupons, events, punchcards, sales, schedules and any limited-time offer information you want to share this time of year is perfect to put on a bag-stuffing flyer. 

You can also use the design for website and social media content to make that creative piece stretch a bit further!

Make it a Holly, Jolly Holiday for All

You need to make a project list and hire pros to check it twice. 

The freelance creatives behind the scenes at the Fiverr Holiday Store are working diligently to bring tidings of good cheer to customers, clients and colleagues near and far. 

Add your holiday greeting order to the list! Get inspired here.

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