How to make deliveries to your home even more convenient

(BPT) - It's become a staple of everyday living these days-ordering all kinds of goods online and having them delivered right to your doorstep. While it's potentially the easiest and most convenient way to shop for a whole host of items, these home deliveries can sometimes come with problems, from packages left outside in bad weather, pesky porch pirates helping themselves to your boxes-or just worrying about your packages when you can't be at home right when they're delivered.

To ease these concerns about package deliveries, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Choose your delivery times with care

Some vendors today allow you to choose the best days for package deliveries, which can help you have better peace of mind. You'll know ahead of time that someone will be home (or alerting a helpful neighbor) when packages are most likely to arrive so your items are much more likely to get to you, safe and sound.

Use In-Garage Delivery

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, a free service for Amazon Prime members, helps to keep you from worrying about your packages when you aren't home. All you have to do is enable Amazon Key with your compatible smart garage door opener and select 'FREE Key Delivery' at checkout. On delivery day, your packages will be conveniently delivered inside your garage, with notifications every step of the way.

How does Amazon Key work?

When the driver arrives to make your delivery, they get one-time verified access to open your smart garage by scanning your package, so they can leave your items safely inside. There's no need to share a garage code or open the door for them. You can even watch your deliveries with an optional camera for extra peace of mind.

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery works with Amazon packages and also groceries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. You can learn more at

Leave instructions for package delivery

Similarly, many retailers will also give you the opportunity to write particular instructions about the best place to leave a package on your porch, helping you to avoid issues like weather and decrease visibility from potential porch pilferers.

Track your packages

Most online stores today are also able to let you track your package at almost every step of the process, so you can know for sure when an item is likely to be on its way. Some will even send you updates and alerts when your item is out for delivery, allowing you to anticipate its safe arrival.

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