How to Collab Post on Instagram as a Brand or Creator [Steps + Tips]

Wondering how Instagram’s new Collab feature works? We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll dive into how this new feature works, the benefits for brands, and the steps to use it. Plus, get a few tips on how to leverage it.

What is a collab post on Instagram?

In the Fall of 2021, Instagram announced the “Collabs” feature, which allows an feed post to live on two users’ profiles.

Here’s how it works: User 1 will create the post and invite User 2 to be a collaborator. Once User 2 accepts, the post will live on both users’ profiles. They will both share ownership of the post as well as the engagement (likes, shares, comments).

Currently, Collabs is only available in the feed and on Reels. That means that you can’t add a collaborator on Stories, the Shop tab, or anywhere else.

Why use an Instagram Collab post?

For influencers and brands, the Collabs feature is a huge opportunity.

Businesses work with influencers to reach audiences they normally wouldn’t, i.e. discoverability.

This feature allows them to land directly on their target audience’s feed without having to do more work. They can also track performance much easier – no need to wait for influencers to send a report, they can look at the analytics directly.

Lastly, when two users share a post, they remove the risk of competition with both fighting for engagement.

From the content creator’s perspective, this feature not only allows for more transparency but also makes it easier to share product recommendations.

How to Create an Instagram Collab Post

  1. Click the “+” sign to create a new feed or Reel post.

  2. Create a feed post or Reel then tap “Next.”

    how to create a collab post on instagram step 2
  3. Once the editing is done, tap “Tag People.”

    how to create a collab post on instagram step 3
  4. Tap on “Invite collaborator.”

    how to create a collab post on instagram step 4
  5. Search for the collaborator’s account and add them.

    how to create a collab post on instagram step 5
  6. Wait for them to accept. Once they do, the post will be shared with their followers and they’ll be listed as co-author.

how to create a collab post on instagram step 6

From the invitee’s perspective, they’ll receive a notification about being tagged on a post and will have to review the request.

how to create a collab post on instagram: how to accept invite

Note: If your request is denied, the invitee will still be tagged in your post but will not be listed as a co-author and it will not show up on their feed.

Tips for Making Instagram Collab Posts

If you’re ready to get started using this feature, here are some ideas and tips on using collabs:

  • Use collabs for:
    • Giveaway winner notifications
    • Influencer partnerships
    • Follower shoutouts, i.e. user-generated content
    • Co-marketing campaigns
  • Make sure you have a pre-existing relationship with the users you invite to collaborate.
  • Only collaborate with creators whose audiences align with your ideal user persona.
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