How Co-Marketers Can Leverage Creator Collabs and Branded Content on Facebook

If you leverage influencer collabs, partnerships, or branded content on Facebook, there are two new features you need to know: Creator Collabs and Branded Content Tags.

These tools have a simple goal: to create smoother collaborations between content creators and brands that lead to more exposure and reach. On the consumer side, they add an extra layer of transparency around branded content.

Here, we'll cover everything you need to know about these tools and discuss how they can bring your Facebook strategy to the next level.

What is Facebook's Creator Collab feature?

Released just this year, Facebook's Creator Collab feature enables you to tag multiple creators in a single post. Here it is in action:

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In the example above, notice that two creators — Daniel Santos and Taiba Rizvi – are tagged in the same post. What's the benefit of this? When you tag multiple creators, you can generate more exposure by tapping into the audience of each collaborator.

Here's how it works: the primary collaborator (the creator who uploads the post) sends an invite to the secondary collaborator to "join" the post. Once they accept, the primary user can add or remove the secondary collaborator at any time.

You may be wondering, what if the post is eligible for monetization? In that case, earnings are only available to the primary collaborator.

In terms of analytics, each collaborator can access insights about the post, such as reach, view count, and engagement, right within Facebook's Creator Studio. Here's what Facebook has to say:

Creator Collab FB quoteFacebook's Collab tool mirrors a similar one on Instagram. The feature, known as Collab, enables two Instagram users to post the same post from two different accounts. They share likes, comments, and view counts on these posts.

Instagram Collabs featureIt's clear that Meta-owned platforms are trying to reimagine the way creators and brands collaborate. Facebook's Collab feature is an excellent addition to this effort, but it's also limited. The feature is only available for video posts, although this may change in the future.

Now let's take a closer look at another handy tool from Facebook: Content Tags.

What is Facebook's Branded Content Tag?

You're probably familiar with tagging on Facebook. Nowadays, creators must disclose who they work with by "tagging" the sponsor in each post. But there's more to the story.

When a creator goes to publish content about your brand, they can now give you permission to boost the post.


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If they enable this feature, you can pay to promote the post and reach even more people. The audience will see the post from the original creator, even though you, the sponsor, boosted it.

Facebook will also allow you to add a call-to-action to the post. When the boosting period is over, the CTA will stick around. 

Over to You

More and more brands rely on creators to expand their reach and boost engagement. While collaborations and branded content are nothing new, Facebook is making it easier than ever to experiment with different features and drive results.

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