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This week, get advice from entrepreneurs such as Samuel Adams’ founder, and show apps that will improve your morning. Have a great week!

5 free apps that will improve your morning routine

These Fast Company recommended apps will help drag you out of bed, give you some peace of mind before the day gets going, and manage your time.

1. HabitClock (iOS): This helps you cross off items on your to-do list that you want to accomplish in the morning. It gives a timer for each task and goes off until you check them off.
2. Alarmy (Android): This is the ultimate sadistuc alarm clock. It shows a picture of something in your house, such as your sink, and makes you take a picture of that item to turn off the alarm!
3. Simple Stretching Exercises (Android): This app shows great stretches you can do to start the day.
4. Calm (iOS): This has wonderful guided meditation sessions for beginners.
5. Solar (iOS and Android): Need to know the daily temperature? Solar’s a beautifully designed, simple weather app.

First-year business owners discuss their first 365 days

American Express Open Forum recently interviewed first-year entrepreneurs about their first 365 days as business owners. Here is some of their advice:

Brew City Boxes: “Get a plan down. It doesn’t need to be a full-blown business plan, but you need some kind of roadmap to know where you are going.”

The Astoria Bookshop: “Make sure you have an incredibly strong personal support system. I keep comparing owning a start-up to having an infant … Ultimately, everything is on my shoulders, but I’m only able to take it on because I know there are so many people who have my back.”

When we were small: Samuel Adams

Did you know that James “Jim” Koch, founder and chairman of The Boston Beer Company, Inc., went to Harvard and was a business consultant before starting Samuel Adams? He quit consulting and started the now famous beer company because his family had brewed beer for six generations.

For more of Koch’s story, read this wonderful feature in the Washington Post.

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