Gig Economy News: Looking Beyond Your Business

When you get too wrapped up in the day to day minutiae of running your business, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole wide world out there of personal and professional opportunities. From travel to trying new things even to reconsidering your business’ fundamental structure, it’s important to open your eyes once in a while and see what’s out there. This week’s Gig Economy News is all about thinking outside your business’ normalcy box.

Take a Trip

San Francisco, the city of tech and trends, is a great place to take a working vacation and refresh your mind, body and business. But what’s a traveling freelancer to do when they don’t know where to eat, drink and work in a new city? We’ve got you covered with our fresh take on freelancing in San Francisco, check it out!

Limit Your Liability

Most entrepreneurs start small, so they don’t think of the legal and tax implications of a growing business. However, if you are ready for the next steps, becoming an LLC is something to seriously consider. Not sure what it all means and how to go about it? Forbes is here to help with a look at what LLC’s are and how to know if becoming one is right for your business.

Go Old School

We love tech-savvy service as much as anyone, but there’s something to be said for an old-fashioned touch to customer service. Making your customer feel valued never goes out of style, but sometimes the strategies for doing so can feel stale or even irrelevant. Take a look at this modern take on old fashioned customer service to see how you can bring a bit of charm into your business.

Study Session

We love bringing you resources to educate yourself on business so that you can face the challenges of entrepreneurship head on. While there’s no end to online resources for learning something new, sometimes finding the best business-focused education centers can be a challenge. Luckily Inc Magazine has put together a great list of the best business learning platforms for you to check out and put a new spin on the way you do things.

How do you keep your business fresh and growing? Tell us in the comments!

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