Gig Economy News: Inspiration to Create

There are few things as satisfying as creating something. Whether it’s something tangible or virtual, whether it’s something you’ve made yourself or commissioned, that feeling of accomplishment when you have something new to show off to the world is hard to match. For entrepreneurs, making something can be at your own hands or with the help of others. It could mean having a new logo made or it could be the product that you craft and sell. For all of you maker entrepreneurs out there, and all entrepreneurs are makers on some level, here are a few articles from around the web for inspiration.

Your Vision, Fiverr’s Help

Having something made to help your business grow is not only exciting, it is also a fun process of working with an expert who can bring your vision to life. In the Fiverr community, we love seeing how entrepreneurs use their skills to help each other’s businesses flourish. Here are a few things that Fiverr sellers created for your businesses.

Just Start Somewhere

Got that entrepreneurial spirit but don’t know how to turn it into a business? Sometimes it’s not about having a new idea, it’s about making an old idea work for you. If you want to start building your own business but you don’t know what to do, here are a few ideas from Mashable to get you started creating your own path in life.

Print Your Future

Making promotional products for your business may seem like a daunting idea – where to begin? What to make? Who to trust to print products with the quality you expect for a price you can afford? Because we know that so many entrepreneurs are bursting with ideas for how to get their name out there, here are some ideas of things you can print to spread the word.

Next-Level Makers

3D printing was once just a dream, but now it’s not only a reality it’s actually pretty accessible. In fact, for entrepreneurs, 3D printing is now a viable and more cost-effective way than ever to create models and prototypes before you go full-scale. If you’re looking to utilize 3D printing for your business, here are five 3D printing companies that Geektime thinks you should know about.

What will you make for your business? Tell us in the comments!

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