Gig Economy News: Freelance to Be You and Me

Here at Fiverr, we are home to entrepreneurs of all sorts. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or an individual with an idea, the backbone of our community is the Gig Economy which means freelancer-powered businesses. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to freelancers: how to be one, how to use them, and how to build a business leveraging the gig economy. So, if you’re a freelancer (or you’ve ever considered hiring one), read on!

Free Your Business for Growth

Many of business owners miss out on the enormous potential of employing freelancers for projects that they’re not equipped to do themselves and don’t demand onboarding a new employee. Business owners may think a job is too small or too big for a freelancer, but the truth is that there are all kinds of freelancers and there is certainly one out there to fit your project! Take a look at our tips on how to contract the best freelancers for your business.

Launch Yourself Forward

You don’t have to own a fully fledged business to take advantage of a freelancer’s skills and experience. In fact, if you’re newly self-employed and looking for financially smart ways to make all the pieces of your business come together, freelancers are an excellent resource! That’s why we put together this piece on how to leverage freelancers to build your business.

Build Your Freelance Brand

A lot of freelancers make the mistake of thinking that only fullly-fledged businesses need a strong brand presence. The truth is that as a freelancer it is just as important that you establish a strong online voice so that your potential clients can easily find you and quickly understand that you’re the one for the job. One of the best ways to establish your freelance brand is through Instagram, and this Forbes article will help walk you through how to do just that.

First Impressions for Freelancers

Speaking of your brand and online presence, how’s your website looking? If you’re a freelancer and you don’t have a website or you haven’t updated it in a while, you’re making a major mistake! Your online presence is critical to establishing your credibility and attracting customers. Take a look at the six must-haves for any freelancer’s website and then use Fiverr to find a freelancer to make yours up to date!

What’s your best tip for freelancers and businesses who use them? Tell us in the comments!

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