Gig Economy News: Entrepreneurial Advice to Help You Stay Focused

Sometimes the best advice is even better when it’s boiled down to the most important points. Entrepreneurs are busy, and we understand and appreciate that. To help you stay focused and productive even while reading this post, this week’s Gig Economy is some of our favorite lists of excellent entrepreneurial advice from around the web.

Check it out and see what you can take to your own ventures!

Better Photos for Free

A shareable photo that gets your brand out beyond your own social media pages is a great investment. If you think that investment has to be monetary though, you might be surprised. Incredible photos that take your social media account by storm can cost a pretty penny to create, but they actually don’t have to cost a cent! Check out our list of 4 ways to craft great photos for social media.

Get Inspired

It never hurts to hear words of wisdom from those who have been where we are. Even the most successful businessman was once and entrepreneur with all of the obstacles and stumbling blocks that this experience includes. If you’re looking for a shorthand guide to the decisions that entrepreneurs have made which got them on the road to success, then you’ll love this piece from Inc covering 6 life-changing decisions that happy and successful people make.

Sharing is Caring

There’s a lot about the new style of economy that’s emerging to be excited about, just ask any Fiverr seller! One of our favorite things about the evolving economy is the emphasis on sharing. Companies such as AirBnB have been rapidly changing the way that we perceive sharing as both an economic opportunity and a way to save money. We’ve got a great post about 5 things that entrepreneurs need to know about the sharing economy.

Avoid Disaster

Just as much as it’s good to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs’ success, it’s also important to learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, too many startups make the exact same mistakes and stumble into easily avoidable pitfalls. To avoid unnecessary mistakes and keep your business on track, take a look at the Huffington Post’s list of 10 common mistakes that can lead to disaster.

What’s the most to-the-point advice you’ve ever received? Tell us in the comments!

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