Getting Sh#! Done with “Pupreneur” Manny the Frenchie

Hey doers! Manny the Frenchie here. I asked my human to help me type this because sometimes I need a little help getting business tasks done. That’s actually what I’m here to chat about—but first, a little bit about me.

Simply put, I’m a bacon-loving, sink-napping French bulldog, although I like to consider myself more as a “philanthropup.” When people started noticing that I’m super cute and have a lot to say, I created an Instagram account for my two-legged fans to follow along with my adventures. Almost overnight, I fetched more than 4 million followers, making me the world’s most famous French bulldog (#humblebrag). Although, of course, I am never too busy to hang out with other dogs:

That time I met The Doggfather. #wbw #waybackwednesday

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In just 10 dog years, I’ve been lucky to partner with amazing brands, write a book, and start a nonprofit organization, Manny & Friends, to help out other pups and animals in need. Without a business background or opposable thumbs, some of these amazing opportunities proved to be pretty difficult for me to accomplish on my own.  

That’s where Fiverr comes in. It’s a global digital marketplace that connects doers like me to the right talent to help accomplish all your business needs. And National Dog Day happens to fall during their The Year of the Do initiative. Pretty apropos that 2018 happens to be the Year of the Dog, am I right? All year, I’ve been focused on fundraising through my foundation so I can lend a paw to more animals. We’re working on a live event to support a local rescue, so I need lots of help. Let’s get real, I have some pretty impressive talents, but writing a press release isn’t one of them—and that’s just one item on my to-do list that Fiverr can help me accomplish.

Just like me, hardworking Fiverr freelancers love to take action and do a job well. I can work with sellers in different categories to help me create a website for my event, optimize it, proofread it, then share it with my dogged fans. Freelance social media managers can help me keep up my hectic posting schedule so I can get in a quick sink nap.

Trying to nap here, can you not.

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Fiverr freelancers can help me create a flyer for the event, an educational brochure explaining the cause, and banner ads to get the word out online to fellow animal lovers. I can even collaborate with a graphic designer to jazz up my website or customize merch—what can I say, humans love to swag the dog!

When I’m not digging a hole in the backyard, I’m also really digging the new Fiverr Pro tier of top-quality freelancers in select categories. It’s great to trust that I’m working with hand-vetted talent, especially since I don’t have hands of my own.

The paw-siblities for an entrepreneur—canine or otherwise—are truly endless. I’m so glad I found Fiverr to help me so I can spend less time wishing I had opposable thumbs and more time doing what I love: making friends, spreading joy, and giving back. Now I don’t need to wait until my next walk to get sh#! done. 

In doers (and dogs) we trust,


Want to know more about Manny? Ask him a question (or tell him that he’s a good boy) in the comments below! 

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