From idea to reality: How AWS’ new program aims to kickstart your startup journey

(BPT) - Founding a startup is a thrilling and ambitious undertaking full of excitement and buoyed by the promise of innovation. However, when embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, startup founders face many barriers and challenges in getting their ideas off the ground.

While many of today's accelerator programs provide new startups with valuable mentorship and funding opportunities, most require them to have a minimum viable product (MVP) from the get-go in order to qualify. This requirement has left a gap in the market, leaving many would-be innovators in the early part of their startup journey adrift without support or guidance.

Building the next wave of innovation

To fill this gap, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Build, a new global program designed to support entrepreneurs early on in their journey to build, refine and launch innovative cloud-based applications. AWS will select up to 500 startup founders worldwide to participate in its 10-week virtual program, where they will receive both technical and leadership guidance, as well as learn how to best leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS' tech stack to launch their MVP.

AWS has been a partner to some of the greatest startups today - from Uber to Airbnb - and it understands that success takes more than just a great idea, it also requires the right tools, expert advice and supportive partners. Over the past 15 years, AWS has helped more startups launch, build and succeed than any other cloud provider. By launching AWS Build, the company hopes to help elevate startups solving today's complex problems with new, innovative solutions.

'AWS Build was designed to support founders at the earliest stages of their startup journey, helping them turn their ideas into innovative products,' said Howard Wright, Vice President and Global Head of Startups at AWS. 'Our goal is to help usher in a new generation of startups that are leveraging the power of the AWS cloud in new ways, and to help them get their fundamentals right, so they can be ready to scale.'

Created to support your dream

AWS Build is designed to teach startup founders the fundamentals so they can build their MVP right at the very beginning. Over 10 weeks, participants will learn technical fundamentals to incorporate the most advanced cloud technologies into their applications.

Participants will also understand how to make strategic decisions related to product development, monetization of their idea, where to find and when to use beta customers, and other relevant themes to successfully launch their products.

There are many benefits to joining the program. Its fully-online and largely self-paced curriculum includes weekly live virtual engagements, such as technical office hours with AWS solutions architecture experts, business-led "Ask Me Anything" sessions with investors and industry leaders and peer-to-peer networking events. Best of all, selected startups will receive up to $2,000 in AWS credits to help them build their products and services in the cloud.

After the program concludes, founders will join the AWS Build community to collaborate with peers and technical experts as they scale their products. Also, applicants may be eligible to apply to other credit packages up to $100,000 as they continue their cloud journey, as well as benefit from partner offerings through AWS Activate.

Get ready to build

If you have an innovative idea and need insights, technical guidance and community to grow your startup, consider applying for AWS Build. Applications for the program will be accepted until Sept. 22, 2023. Startups can apply and find more details about Build at

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