Four Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing ASAP

Email marketing may seem like it’s just one small aspect in your business that you can DIY. But it actually carries huge weight because of its return on investment (ROI) potential. According to a survey by Emarsys, email marketing is the leading source of customer acquisition and retention among 80% of small businesses.

Email is a connection you have with customers that can keep them loyal for life, and it takes consistent, high-quality content to keep the connection strong. Businesses that aren’t leveraging expert help from professional email writers won’t benefit from the same competitive edge. Here are four reasons to start outsourcing right away:

1. Save Time for Scaling Your Business

Marketing can take up most of the time you spend running your business. To grow, you have to outsource tasks at some point. When you’re not busy with the day-to-day tasks like creating and sending out emails that support your marketing campaigns, you can work on better strategizing your campaigns.

By focusing on your email marketing campaigns at the big-picture level, you can optimize for higher performance on every email you send out. Plus, you’ll have more time for other aspects of your business, knowing your email marketing is in experienced hands.

2. Improve Email Frequency and Consistency 

When you’re doing email marketing on top of all the other tasks in your business, your email list runs the risk of being neglected. If you “ghost” your audience they might forget about you. Email consistency is crucial for building loyalty and trust. 

Outsourcing your email marketing means you aren’t limited to what one person can accomplish. Since you have a team doing the work around the deadlines you set, you can stay consistent no matter what your own schedule is like. You’ll be able to plan out your email campaigns for the next several months and have a team member queue emails up to send automatically at scheduled times.

3. Leverage Experienced Email Writers

If you’re not really a writer, that alone is a reason to outsource emails. It doesn’t matter if your grammar is impeccable. What it takes to keep readers’ attention is sharp, punchy copy, and writers who write marketing emails for a living have more experience with this. They can improve the written quality of your emails in a way that directly impacts your bottom line.

Besides polishing up your text, a freelance email marketing writer can even make your copy more persuasive, helping you convert more sales through email. All you need to do is provide them the links you need to be included and let them know the goal of each email they’re writing.

4. Make Your Emails Look Professional

Have you ever wondered how to make the beautiful graphics from brand campaigns you’ve seen in your inbox? In addition to having an effective writer, you also want a graphic designer who can put together the best email newsletters. Especially for e-commerce brands, visuals are crucial in email marketing because they can make emails look virtually shoppable.

On Fiverr, there are freelancers who can design custom-branded email templates. Your team can use these again and again to create more engaging emails that raise your conversion rate. Also, work with email writers who embed media such as GIFs and images into email content to make emails more interesting to read.

Outsourcing Your Email Marketing for Higher Returns

Your job as a business owner is to strategize at a big-picture level. If you’re busy creating content, it’s difficult to see the grand scheme of things and analyze the results of specific strategies. By outsourcing your email content creation, you can focus on creating the most strategic, optimized campaigns. Fiverr Business is a platform that connects you with virtual talent for your outsourcing needs. Or, to get a quick project done, you can order a gig from the Fiverr marketplace.

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