Fiverr Makes Self-Publishing More Attainable with the Launch of Book and eBook Store

Are you an aspiring author looking for some helpful tips to self publish your first New York Times bestseller? Our new Book and eBook Store is making it as easy as possible for authors to access freelancers for publishing, editing, marketing, and more. The store will provide buyers the opportunity to purchase services such as proofreading, beta reading, illustration, promotion and more to help them get closer to reaching their self-publishing goals. 

Check out some helpful tips from our Book and eBook Store Manager, Lisa Tauber:

  1. Hire a book or ebook writer: Have an amazing story idea but don’t know how to get started? Fiverr has amazing writers on its platform who will capture your ideas and tell your story exactly the way you want it told!  Experienced ebook writers can also help you to flesh out your primary point and outline, organize your material in a way that makes sense to readers and guide you in making decisions that are in your book’s best interest.  If you’re interested in pitching your book idea to a traditional publisher, an experienced proposal writer can help you turn sample chapters and an outline into a contract-winning book proposal.
  1. Edit, Proofread & test your book or ebook: Get a fresh pair of eyes on your book to catch mistakes, gain additional insight on your thoughts, and utilize feedback to better your book or ebook. Failing to proofread can make the difference between a subpar ebook and an ebook that’s well-polished and well-structured. If you want to be a source that people trust, don’t skimp on the editing. Use their feedback to fix remaining issues with relevance, pacing, and consistency.
  1. Design & Publish your book: All the effort you put into writing your book will be for nothing if you don’t capture the attention of your readers immediately. Packaging your book right is important to position it for the market. Hire an expert to engage your readers with a compelling book blurb, optimized for Amazon and other online retailers. Once fully designed, convert your book into a format of your choice. If your goal is to publish in all formats, consider converting your content into an audiobook so your audience can listen on the go.
  1. Promote your book: Marketing is an integral part of book creation. Create an engaging & well-designed landing page or author website where users can download your ebook and learn more about your brand. Then, drive traffic to the page with smart email marketing or a custom book trailer.

Feeling inspired to write and publish your own book? Check out Fiverr’s Book & eBook Store to get started!

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