Finding fulfillment: Is this the right time to switch careers?

(BPT) - The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people in countless ways. From quarantine and social distancing to remote working, furlough and job loss, many people are reassessing how they spend their time and make money. Turning proverbial lemons into lemonade, people of all ages and backgrounds have decided to pivot their careers to do something that they truly enjoy.

Time provides the gift of insight

With extra time at home, people are taking stock of their jobs and paths for the future. They are exploring hobbies and passions that may have been put on hold. Finding enjoyment in these activities and realizing strengths and talents can be the inspiration for a new chapter. For example:

  • Limited restaurant hours and options paired with ample kitchen time has inspired foodies to flex their culinary muscles. Some have started showing off their creations on social media and recording how-to videos to share with friends and family. Live cooking videos have been a fun way to connect socially with others from a distance.
  • Having last-minute needs for items like desks, DIYers started working on projects in garages and sheds, realizing they have a maker mindset and handy capabilities. Talking with others and sharing images of finished projects, they've discovered their talents are in demand.
  • Unexpected changes due to hour reduction, job loss and more have financial consequences for many families. After creating agile budgets that help their family thrive in uncertain times, some may even share their budgeting tips and find joy in helping others discover financial security.

The silver lining of the pandemic is the gift of time for reflection and self-discovery. However, it's one thing to enjoy a talent or passion, it's another to figure out how to monetize it.

Desire inspires the need for change

Being your own boss is appealing. If you've discovered a talent and you want to make it a career, it's important to explore options that can help set you up for success. Taking orders for custom-made desks can be a rewarding side gig or even full-time career, if you have the space, tools and organization skills. Passionate cooks can explore culinary school and consider hosting online cooking classes to help garner some money and grow their reputation.

For people who desire to help others with budgeting or financial concerns there's no better time to explore the possibilities for a bright, vibrant new career as a financial professional. Organizations such as The Guardian Life Insurance Company provide training on how to build your career and find clients. They partner you with mentors in a team setting so that you can learn from peers as you help clients reach financial confidence. They even provide proprietary software that will help you build plans for clients so they can visualize their future success.

Financial representatives are in demand

A financial representative is someone who owns their own business and makes their own hours. You can decide areas of specialty and what you're most passionate about.

Financial representatives come from all backgrounds and exploring this career doesn't require previous experience. There is a growing need in the industry to have people from diverse groups become financial representatives in order to best represent a diverse group of clientele.

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Is it time you changed your future?

Many people have been reassessing their life path during the pandemic and desire to make a change so they can spend their time doing something they love while making an honest living. If this is something you've been thinking about, there's no better time to consider options and opportunities.

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