Find a Global Audience for a Self-Published Work with Online Translation

Why limit your content to only one language?

Self-publishing is traditionally presumed to be a small-scale enterprise. You write the book, manage its production, then attempt to sell it locally or – if you’re particularly ambitious – online, where your potential audience opens up to all readers in their native language. But if you’re aiming for that global reach, you’re still limited by the language your book is written in.

Here’s how Fiverr’s services can take you from local or national phenomenon, to global writer:

1. Figure out what language you want to target.

With Fiverr, you can have an actual expert in whatever language you desire, whether it’s from English to Spanish, or English to French. By unlocking your book’s potential for different countries, you immediately expand your demographic of readers, which is especially helpful in online marketplaces such as Amazon where global readers can chime in on your reviews or rankings.

2. Find the translator you like.

No one wants to read a sloppy auto-translated version of your text. This is particularly true in literature, where every word matters, every metaphor is crafted, and even a literal translation can diminish and flatten your style. Being able to hunt for translators with stellar reputations, accessible via user reviews, allows you to find someone who will be attuned to the nuances of your writing and help you retain your voice.

3. Activate your social media presence.

Now that you are able to tap into multiple markets across multiple countries and language barriers, you need to make yourself available with social media. Book blog The Book Designer notes that social media is an essential and intrinsic part of these efforts; readers, especially those of self-published fiction, want to make a connection with the author. Fiverr’s marketplace offers various social media experts able to build up and flesh out these aspects of your author profile in your target language.

4. Flesh out your online footprint.

Industry websites and online resources can expand your literary footprint further. Established sites such as Goodreads offer built-in readerships through groups aligned according to their tastes and genre preferences, while Facebook groups can give you a channel to engage with readers directly, and promote your readings and releases. You can amplify your ranking in search results across the world through strategic SEO techniques, which can be handled by an SEO master on Fiverr.

Self-published authors, how do you increase your profile and presence? Get started with specialists in social media, translation, and more, on Fiverr.

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