Electric fireplaces spark simple home improvement solutions

(BPT) - Are you looking for ways to enhance your home and boost its value? The best kinds of home improvement projects provide wow-worthy results without much effort. With modern designs and numerous benefits, electric fireplaces are one of these projects, enhancing the aesthetic of any room without the extensive construction and cost of traditional gas or wood fireplaces.

Many people are surprised to learn that installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace doesn't require any structural modifications. In fact, it's similar to hanging a wall-mounted TV, shelving or large piece of artwork. You'll need common household tools such as a level, stud finder and drill, and the fireplace will come with a wall mounting kit (including brackets and hardware) and detailed instructions.

'In any existing room where you would like to add an electric fireplace, it's very easy to add one,' said Heat & Glo Brand Manager Kathy Rogers. 'It's a lot easier to install than a gas fireplace and you don't need an expert for installation. With just a few tools, a well-placed electrical outlet, and the revolutionary wall-mount SimpliFire Format electric fireplace, you can bring the comfort of a fireplace to any room in your home.'

Modern electric fireplaces are available in multiple sizes to fit your space and have no mesh screens or visible heat vents. You can zone heat throughout the year with optional heat, bringing comfort where you need it. Dynamic flames and an LED ember bed create ambiance and warmth - if desired - on demand. You can also safely place a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace, which is a plus for many people.

This project is typically straightforward and simple to complete, making it the ideal solution for people looking for a home improvement project they can do themselves or hire a handyman or contractor to do in as little as one day. While electric fireplaces can go in virtually any room, here are some tips for easy installation and the best result:

Select location: Windows and furniture placement often help dictate where an electric fireplace should go. Keep in mind, choosing a wall that doesn't receive direct sunlight reduces glare. Notice sunlight throughout the day to help determine the best location for installation.

Electricity access: Make sure that you have access to electricity to power your new fireplace. You can choose to either simply plug in your fireplace to a standard outlet or hire a professional to hard-wire it directly.

Check codes: As with any home improvement project, you'll need to ensure compliance with local building codes. Contact your city or township to get the most recent regulations. Verify codes and read all fireplace installation instructions before you start your project so you avoid any issues.

Whether it's in a family room, basement, bedroom, bathroom or another space, a wall-mounted electric fireplace brings function and fashion to your home. Visit HeatnGlo.com to learn more about electric fireplaces and get additional expert advice on installation.

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