Do good and feel good this holiday season: 5 surprising benefits of giving to others

(BPT) - The holidays are a time that brings out a generous spirit in many people. Beyond giving gifts to those near and dear to you, there are also plenty of opportunities to do good for others during this time of year.

For businesses, you may have money set aside to purchase gifts for your employees and clients. Instead of giving them corporate swag like a travel mug or a gift card, consider giving a gift that can make a difference this holiday season.

Sugarwish is an online gift-giving platform that takes the guesswork out of giving and allows the recipient to choose the treats that are included in the gift they receive. No matter what gift you decide to give, they're sure to get their favorites. The sender chooses the category and size of the gift and the recipients choose their favorite treats from candy to snacks, cookies to popcorn, to wine and wine tastings, to flowers, candles and so much more. However, the most interesting aspect of this gift is that recipients can also choose to donate the value of the gift to Make-A-Wish, a Sugarwish charity partner.

Last year, the company partnered with Make-A-Wish and raised $500,000 for children with critical illnesses through donations. Because of this success, the two companies have partnered again this year and are excited to continue to grant life-changing wishes, one sweet gift at a time. Your company can help raise even more money for Make-A-Wish when you sign up to send sweet treats through Sugarwish.

Give employees an opportunity to do good and feel good

When you help others, do you feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside? That's because generosity is not only good for others but is also good for you. Check out these five benefits of practicing generosity.

1. Happiness

According to a University of Zurich study, generous people tend to be happier. The study followed two groups for four weeks: one that promised to spend money on others and a control group that focused on spending money on themselves. In the end, the generous group reported increased happiness. This is because generous decisions engage a part of the brain directly related to happiness!

2. Better health

Being generous can also benefit your health. According to Rush University Medical Center research, middle-aged and older adults that regularly volunteered were less likely to have high blood pressure. By reducing their risk of high blood pressure, these volunteers are also at lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. Meaningful life

It can be difficult to find meaning in life, but those who give of themselves are closer to achieving that goal. According to a study by Ascent, 80% of high-generosity respondents felt life was meaningful, while only 60% of their less generous counterparts felt the same.

4. Closer relationships

The Ascent study also found that generosity can strengthen personal connections with others. People with low generosity were more than twice as likely to not feel close at all to those they know. Meanwhile, 66% of generous respondents felt close to the people they know and were more likely to have a best friend.

5. Workplace benefits

Generosity can also impact the workplace. The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley compiled results from several studies on generosity. One of these studies found that when Australian bank employees were given $50 to spend on a charity they were happier and more satisfied with their job. Another study found that generous employees were more motivated and creative, leading to more novel and useful ideas.

The gift that keeps on giving

This year, give a gift that recognizes your employees and thanks clients by allowing them to help children with critical illnesses. Sugarwish gift recipients can donate their unredeemed site credits to Make-A-Wish. Additionally, for any new accounts that sign up through the link above, Make-A-Wish will receive a donation equal to 10% of the value loaded into the account. Already have your holiday gifts planned? Consider sending happiness and hope for Employee Appreciation Day in March or at any other time throughout the year.

Learn more about how you and your company can help kids see their wishes come true at

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