Diversify Your Offerings: How to Add More of the Right Gigs to Your Fiverr Portfolio

As you progress as a Fiverr seller, your portfolio of available Gigs on Fiverr will ebb and flow depending on your availability, bandwidth, and skill set. You can create a certain number of Gigs depending on your seller level. Many sellers start out with one, two, or three Gigs to see how Fiverr works. After the sales start rolling in, and the next logical step is Gig expansion. However, you can’t just pop up a Gig like a hotel property in Monopoly. Here’s how to scale your Gig portfolio strategically.

Time to Diversify

For some sellers, expanding their portfolio is a matter of putting up Gigs that have high volume and quick turnaround with little to no correlation between each offering. Yet others prefer Gigs that involve large projects broken into pieces. Other sellers prefer to stick to that one Gig that works for them (and their lifestyle).

There is no right answer. How a seller expands his or her Gigs is a personal decision. That being said, there has to be some thought put into why you are choosing to expand or not, and why you are choosing to add a specific Gig or two, or three, or more. Below are some common schools of thought when it comes to Gig expansion that may help you win the game of Gig monopoly.

Take The Interstate

The interstate in literal terms is a major roadway that connects multiple states together. It is a common thread among the states. Your Gigs need to have a common thread too. As a writer, for example, all my Gigs revolve around writing. Were I to try to add in a graphic design Gig, it would seem out of place — and I would suck at it. There would be no common thread. Finding a common thread is just one way to think of what to expand next. As a writer, I know I could pick a subject, for example, and create a Gig to write articles about it because writing is the common thread.

Nice Complement

One of the best ways to expand your portfolio is to offer complementary Gigs. For example, a seller may offer to do an SEO audit of a website and provide ten suggestions on how to improve the website’s SEO. That same seller then may have some Gigs addressing common SEO problems often found in the audits. This way, a buyer can see that the seller offers the solutions needed. The main Gig may be SEO auditing, but the complementary Gigs provide the buyer a place to get all the work done. This creates loyalty and more sales. That seller can then add new Gigs to expand on providing solutions.

Become a Total Solution Provider

You may be an expert at taking a process from start to finish. This can be a great way to expand your Gigs. Take, for example, crowdfunding. Crowdfunding involves many steps from planning, to writing the campaign, to press releases, and more. If you are an expert in getting a crowdfunding campaign up and running, create multiple Gigs for each major part of the process. You become the total solution provider. Take a look at your Gig or Gigs and see if you can build new ones to become a total solution provider. Maybe you write e-books. Do you know how to, or can you learn how to format them for Kindle and CreateSpace? Do you know how to or can you learn how to market them? If you can, start adding new Gigs to become the total solution provider on creating, formatting, publishing, and marketing e-books.

Ask Your Buyers

Try combing through Fiverr’s Buyer Requests section daily to not only get sales, but to see what requests reoccur on a regular basis. Determining what buyers ask you for all the time will tell you exactly where to expand. It may even have you rethinking your entire Gig portfolio. You learned how to become a freelancer and sell on Fiverr. It is not beyond your capability to learn a new set of skills to meet an in-demand need with little supply. If you are a writer and you see people asking for writing on a certain niche, you can expand into writing for that niche. If your buyers keep asking for slogans on your business-naming Gig, you can expand into slogan writing.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Expanding your Gig portfolio is a fluid process that is always changing. Sometimes you delete Gigs that just did not pan out or do not fit in. Sometimes you tear out a Gig’s guts and eat them, and sometimes you start from scratch. Expanding is about moving things around and seeing what pieces fit. Just like the perfect recipe, you have to try many ingredient combinations to get things just right.

Gig expansion takes many forms. There is no singular answer for the right way to diversify your portfolio, but the ideas shared here should give you a good place to test the waters. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to having an amazing portfolio of Gigs and feeling like the ultimate Doer.

Have any tips for expanding a Fiverr Gig portfolio? Let us know in the comments below!

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