David388: A Surgeon, Writer and Seller Extraordinaire

David, known on Fiverr® as David388, is a surgeon resident completing his residency in general surgery. At the same time, he’s working in a bioengineering lab on a project that is attempting to regenerate skin by using a bioactive dressing made out of soy protein.

That’s not all! David is also a violinist, a writer, and a consultant offering advice on: strategy and positioning, problem solving, business plans, lead generation, career development, getting into graduate school, creative writing and much more.

Here he is to share his story with us.

How I got to Fiverr

I was considering getting a puppy, but due to the crazy hours I keep as a resident, I needed to figure out a source of some extra cash so that I could hire a dog walker. I came across Fiverr and loved the site immediately. From an aesthetic and graphic design standpoint, the images and text are laid out incredibly well. I was hooked: I found myself torn between browsing the offerings as a buyer and figuring out what I was going to offer as a seller!

As soon as I began browsing the site, I realized that Fiverr could be an incredible way for me to reconnect with the passions I have outside of my professional career in medicine. I had missed the writing and editing parts of my life and was intrigued about using Fiverr as a way to start doing both of these again.

Signing up was quick and painless. I was online within a few minutes, posted a few Gigs, and had my first sale by the following morning. Now, if I keep up my current earning rate, I’ll clear $10,000 by the end of my first 12 months on Fiverr!


The secret to success

As a physician and scientist, I like to treat Fiverr as a bit of a laboratory, which is something I often encourage people to do when I’m on the Fiverr Forum.

Whenever I have a lull in sales, I try making adjustments, whether in the delivery time, in the Gig extras, in the cover photos, or somewhere else. Nearly every time, the end result is that my sales start picking up again.

I have also been blessed with enough positive feedback that it helps my conversion rate once prospective buyers land on my profile. When you’re starting on Fiverr or any time sales drop, it’s also important to spend time browsing Fiverr and visiting the Forum.

As a seller, you are constantly learning things here: ways to be successful, strategies for Gig Extras, how to deal with difficult interactions with a client, even ways to make your profile stand out. These are pieces of knowledge that really can’t be picked up in any one place – you really have to just put in the time and keep an open mind.

Getting to know the community

The Fiverr Forum is also one of the reasons I’ve come to love Fiverr so much. My experience there has been absolutely incredible. I’ve made friendships with fellow sellers that I’ve met in the Forum – real, legitimate friendships. These are people that I would be totally comfortable meeting up with if and when I’m in their part of the country. These friends are an incredible source of advice, support, and even collaboration to mutually help each other with sales.

Doing what I love

As a surgeon resident, I absolutely love being a doctor and working in the medical field, and I am not looking for Fiverr to ever replace that part of my life. But what Fiverr has done is let me reconnect in a very substantial way to all of the non-medical parts that make me who I am.

For example, I have been playing violin for more than 25 years and have traveled the world performing orchestras, but I have never really worked on the recording/production side of things. Fiverr has provided me the inspiration and the funding to go ahead with this. I’m in the process of learning how to use some studio software and am planning to launch a Session Musician Gig in the near future!

Congratulations David on all your success, and thank you for sharing your story with us!

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