Capturing the Community: An #InDoersWeTrust Photo Shoot

We at Fiverr wanted to celebrate the talented individuals that make the Gig Economy great. So we brought together local Fiverr buyers and sellers for a day-long photo shoot at our NYC office with award-winning photographer Sandro. Meet some of these talented doers—from voice over artists to bloggers to consultants— that set our community apart in the images below. Then join the #InDoersWeTrust movement yourself. Tell us what motivates you for the chance to be awarded $500 in Fiverr credit to help you start doing.
Boice Allen is an author, singer, and songwriter. He also hosts a podcast called Talk Music Talk, which he gets mixed using Fiverr Services. Fiverr has helped Boice design both his logo and his business card, and allowed him to sell his services writing biographies for people in the entertainment industry. Candice Kilpatrick is both a buyer and seller on Fiverr. She is a consultant and blogger, writing extensively on topics surrounding social media influence. Candice specializes in influencer marketing and has a large online audience via Twitter. On Fiverr, Candice sells social media management and marketing services. Ciero Oro is a talent agent, consultant, producer and collaborator. He owns his own boutique talent agency, OnQ New York. Cicero uses Fiverr to find graphic design artists for his business as a buyer, loving how quick and easy the process is. Cristina Dolan is a solutionist, entrepreneur and avid Fiverr supporter. She launched the non-profit organization ‘Dream it. Code it. Win it.’ to celebrate and reward computer science education amongst high school students, college students, and young women alike. Cristina uses Fiverr for everything from designing logos for her businesses to building slides for her Ted Talks presentations, saying that having the ability to use Fiverr to get things done professionally and on a shot timeline is incredibly valuable. Demi Davis is a pop singer, model, actress, and dancer. She started writing music at age thirteen, realizing her passion for performance early and never looking back. Demi uses Fiverr for promoting her music on social media and on radio stations, loving how easy and cost effective it is to use. She believes that the ideal job is one where you get to do what you love as opposed to just doing what makes you money, and Fiverr helps to make that possible! Irina Lebedeva is a website developer and author. She used Fiverr’s editing services when writing her book, and had a Fiverr artist design her book cover. As a web developer, Irina also often uses Fiverr to help her clients when building websites. Jefferey Spivey is a Blogger who writes about men’s fashion, health, politics, LGBT issues and diversity. After working in fashion retail for many years he decided to leave the industry to pursue his true passion of writing, taking a chance and joining Fiverr. Jefferey says Fiverr has made it possible for him to write full-time, allowing him to do what he loves every single day while supporting himself. Kurt Christenson is a comic book creator and consultant who has been in the industry for fifteen years. Fiverr has helped him to find artists to collaborate with, allowing him to create original comics as well as a full team of creatives to work with on future projects. Fiverr also has given Kurt the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world, which he feels gives his comics a more unique look and keeps them fresh. “Being able to find a team of people to work with through Fiverr,” he says, “has changed everything for me.” Monique LaBarr is an actress and author based in New York City. On Fiverr she sells voice acting, video testimonials, and editing services. Monique is very passionate about her work, and loves that Fiverr has given her the opportunity to do what she enjoys for a living! Noah Holland is a NYC musician, songwriter, and DJ. He uses Fiverr to help promote his music, as well as help with the production of music videos. Uni Sol is a voice over actor and music artist living in New York City. He originally used Fiverr as a Buyer, but has now branched out and offers his own services on the platform. Fiverr has allowed him to maintain a more flexible schedule and spend more time with his three children, while doing what he loves. “It’s important for people to find their niche to be successful,” he says, “and Fiverr allows you to do that.” Shereen Campbell is the founder of My Little Magic Shop, an online store specializing in helping people discover their inner magic. As a licensed life coach and entrepreneur in the wellbeing industry, Fiverr has helped her monetize her passion of helping others. Fiverr has also helped Shereen develop her packaging and designs for her business. Robin DeMarco is the founder of Coached by Robin. She is a coach who sells an in-house coaching program for small to mid-sized companies in New York City. Robin uses Fiverr for photo editing, writing content, and design work for her business. Venny Hi is an engineer who has used Fiverr for numerous business projects. Based on client needs, he turns to Fiverr for explainer videos, web development, app icons, graphic design, and more. Venny says having one marketplace to find all the services he needs makes life much easier. Will Jelbert is an author and ‘happiness’ coach. He had the cover of his book, The Happiness Animal, designed on Fiverr. Will is also a fantastic speaker, and sells audiobook reviews on the Fiverr platform.

Are you a doer? Tell us how you use Fiverr to get it done in the comments below!

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