Book Promotion 101: How To Launch A Book During Covid-19

The pandemic has turned the publishing industry upside down. It may seem awkward to market your masterpiece when thousands are being infected and losing their jobs. Nevertheless, authors must earn money to afford basic necessities in the midst of these dark times. 

Fortunately, books have become an important commodity as more social events get canceled. Many bookworms are craving new reads to stay sane amid the era of social distancing and nationwide lockdowns. 

So, how can you launch a book in the midst of Covid-19? Here are some tips that you need to know. 

1. Advertise in Book Promotion Sites

Book promotion sites have a wealth of subscribers looking for recently launched books. 

Bookbub – a book discovery platform – has 15 million subscribers. Of this number, there are 3.96 million subscribers in the crime fiction genre and 1.29 million subscribers in the advice or how-to genre. Every week subscribers are sent handpicked newly released books and curated book lists based on their preferred genres. 


Besides Bookbub, there are also 100 free and paid book promotion sites. Each of these sites offers advertising packages for authors that want to get their book promoted online so try it out to maximize awareness about your work. 

You can hire Fiverr marketers to negotiate promotional deals with minimal effort on your part. 

2. Collaborate with Influencers

Just like fashion influencers, the publishing industry has its own set of influencers too. 

Youtuber Cindy Pham – also known as readwithcindy – has 255,000 followers. Her site features book reviews and top reads of the month which get a lot of likes and shares within the reading community. 


Popular Goodreads book bloggers such as Emily May create in-depth book reviews with hundreds of likes and shares on the platform. Similar to influencer insights, their approval means successful sales for authors. 


Every book genre has niche influencers that can give in-depth reviews on Goodreads and Youtube. You can reach out to these influencers or send them a free copy in exchange for a review. Alternatively, you can get Fiverr marketers that can organize collaborations with influencers. 

3. Engage in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups abound for niche fandoms, shows, and even books. Participating and engaging in these groups can help boost your credibility and book sales. 

For example, craft book authors may promote and participate in niche groups like Etsy / Small business / Craft Networking and *Everything Etsy* & Crafts *

Popular authors also have Facebook groups where they can give updates and discussions with their fans. They are also open to promoting the upcoming books of authors through giveaways. 


4. Build an Online Community 

While you promote your books through Goodreads and several sites, you should also create social media profiles and groups alongside them. 

A social media profile ensures that people who are interested in your work will be able to learn upcoming events and releases. It also becomes a place for fans to discuss your work and foster hype for your future releases. 

Alternatively, build an email list and provide updates through monthly newsletters. Some authors provide short snippets or excerpts of their upcoming releases which fuel excitement amongst their fanbase. 


For instance, Elise Kova – a bestselling author – shares new releases, big news, and appearances through email newsletters. 


Managing your online community may be difficult on top of writing your book so get in touch with a Fiverr social media manager

5. Create Promotional Content and Host Virtual Events

Many authors promote their books in events, conferences, and reading events. While these are currently impossible due to the ongoing pandemic, authors can opt for virtual reading sessions, live streams, and webinars.

For instance, authors can host virtual Q&A sessions with fans after the release of their books.


To get started, you can hire Fiverr video editors and content creators to create marketing materials. 

Promoting Your Book Amid Covid-19

The pandemic may have ruined your publishing plans, but the hope is not lost. 

The online world gives authors many opportunities to promote their work in niche platforms. Influencers and social media groups. 

Promoting your book may seem stressful on top of surviving the pandemic. If you’re struggling, then get in touch with Fiverr freelancers that can help you launch a book amid these dark times. 

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