Best 12 Finance Podcasts To Get Your Money Right in 2022

If you're looking for some great finance podcasts to listen to in 2022, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we will share with you a list of the best finance podcasts available.

Whether you're just getting started in your financial journey or you're looking for some new tips and tricks, these podcasts will help you out.

Best for Learning About The Economy: Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money describes itself as a show where listeners can learn about the economy from a friend – at a bar.

While the economy may seem like a boring topic to many, Planet Money makes it interesting by doing deep dives on who it impacts and how – everything from inflation to fast food delivery to crypto and city building.

What’s more, the show takes a global approach, tackling all countries and the economic issues they face.

Although this isn’t the show to teach you how to manage your 401K, you will learn how a lot about where the economy is and where it’s headed – which is valuable knowledge for long-term investments.

Standout episodes:

  • Buy Now, Pay Dearly
  • No Such Thing as a Free Return
  • Of Oligarchs, Oil, and Rubles

Best for Beginners: Brown Ambition

If you are new to the financial literacy game, you’ve probably heard of The Budgenista. She is a well-known finance educator and author with a large social media following and a frequent daytime TV show guest.

She, along with her co-host Mandi Woodruff, another personal finance expert, started a podcast so you can get their advice every week.

They cover traditional finance topics like retirement accounts, debt management, and loans while also tackling current events, such as rising inflation and the pandemic.

Brown Ambition is perfect for those who don’t know where to start to manage their finances as well as those who have the basics down but still want to do more.

Standout episodes:

  • Why I-Bonds are Suddenly a Sexy Investment
  • Juggling Your Business with a 9-5
  • Can you buy your way to an early retirement?

Best for Seasoned Investors: Invest Like The Best

invest like the best best finance podcastOne of my favorite ways to learn is by listening to experts. This finance podcast leverages this by bringing in investment leaders from all sectors to offer advice and share their journey with listeners.

What’s great about this podcast is that it doesn’t just focus on standard investments like 401Ks, stocks, and bonds – they also discuss artificial intelligence, ecommerce, NFTs, gaming, and more.

This show is for business-driven folks who want to learn how to diversify their income streams and scale their businesses.

Standout episodes:

  • Factories of The Future
  • The Past, Present and Future of Digital Infrastructure
  • The Art of Software Buyouts

Best for Building a Millionaire Mindset: Manifesting Money

manifesting money best finane podcastManifesting Money is a show that focuses on the psychological, spiritual, and emotional side of making money.

It’s all about attracting and retaining money to build long-term wealth.

The show tackles everything from breaking harmful generational beliefs around money to getting out of financial hardship.

This podcast is ideal for those who not only want to get their money right but also their mind.

Standout episodes:

  • Releasing Your Emotional Attachment to Money
  • Step-by-Step Process of Getting Through Financial Hardship
  • Is Your Family Blocking Your Financial Blessings?

Best For Beginners: Clever Girls Know

clever girls know best finance podcastCreated for women by women, this podcast is an extension of the Clever Girl Finance brand, which is personal finance media and education platform in the U.S.

From personal success stories to pop culture lessons to expert tips, Clever Girls Know has a little bit of everything in its podcast. This is what makes the podcast exciting – every week, you get something fresh and different.

Standout episodes:

  • The Parallels between Your Health/Diet and Your Finances
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Backlash of Saving $100K
  • How Stephanie Increased Her Income, Then Identified & Addressed Her Money Trauma

Best For Side Hustlers: Yo Quiero Dinero

yo quiero dinero best finance podcastsWe can’t talk money without talking about generational disparities stemming from race, gender, and sexual orientation. Yo Quiero Dinero tackles this and more.

Led by a Latina woman, Yo Quiero Dinero helps its listeners tap into their potential by offering the steps needed to succeed in entrepreneurship while navigating real-life challenges.

From the path to investing as a first gen to the mental health impact of pursuing financial independence, this podcast is a well-rounded podcast that teaches about money and beyond.

Standout episodes:

  • How to Manage Wealth Guilt
  • Why Entrepreneurship is Emancipation for Women of Color
  • Taxes and Accounting for Side Hustlers

Best For Parents: Parents Making Profits

parents making profits best finance podcastsAre you a parent struggling to balance family and business? Then, this podcast is for you.

Parents Making Profits is all about ways to earn money while balancing raising a family.

The best part? It’s led by two Dadpreneurs who practice what they preach – so, you know you’re getting advice from those who understand exactly what you’re going through and how to tackle those challenges.

Standout episodes:

  • How to Get PR without a Publicist
  • Who is more helpful when starting your business: Strangers or Friends/Family?
  • 4 Tips for You to be an Effective ParentPreneur

Best for Short-and-Sweet Tips: Nerd Wallet’s Smart Money

smart money best finance podcastsNerd Wallet has already established itself in the blogging space as a reputable. financial education platform. In 2017, they expanded into the audio space by launching “Smart Money.”

Compared to most podcasts which usually range between 45 minutes to an hour, Nerd Wallet is short and sweet, with most episodes around 20 to 30 minutes.

These bite-sized episodes cover everything from leveraging credit card points to vetting mortgage lenders. They also do “nerdy deep dives” into niche industries like child care and weightlifting.

Standout episodes:

  • When Travel Insurance is Worth It and Buying an Electric Car
  • Why File Your Taxes Early and Tapping Your Home’s Equity
  • Small Business Inflation and Sign-Up Bonuses

Best for Beginners: Money Please

money please best finance podcastsMoney conversations can get complicated very quickly. Think of Money Please as your go-to friend for all things finances who can give you the scoop and offer advice without shaming or judging you.

The host, Berna Anat, regularly brings in experts to help listeners go from a fear of money to a love of personal finance.

Standout episodes:

  • How Do I Avoid the Budgeting Guilt Cycle?
  • Is It Too Late to Become Part of the CryptoClub?
  • Financial Feminism

Best for Those Seeking Early Retirement: Choose FI

choose FI best finance podcastsEver watch those “I’m retired at 30” videos and wished that was you? Then, start listening to Choose FI.

This podcast focuses on reaching financial independence (FI) early by exploring tactics used by those who have achieved it. They tackle debt management, tax hacks, passive income streams, real estate, free travel, and more.

Standout episodes:

  • SWOT Analysis for Financial Independence
  • The Art of the Career Pivot
  • $1K 100 Ways

Best For Novice Investors: Coffee and Coin

coffee and coin best finance podcastsSome of the best conversations are had while drinking a cup of coffee.

This podcast aims to do just that: Real, honest conversations about money. From where to invest to how to double your earning potential.

Although the podcast was created with women in mind, anyone can benefit from listening to this podcast.

Standout episodes:

  • Investing Strategies: How Erique Leveraged Automation to Turbo Charge Her Net Worth
  • Why Compound Interest Is Your New Best Friend
  • Bad Pocket Business Plans: What They Are & Why You Need One

Best For Real Estate Investors: On the Market

on the market best finance podcastsWant to keep up with the real estate market but don’t have the time to keep up with the news? That’s where On The Market comes in.

This podcast serves as your one-stop shop to learn and get updates on everything related to the market.

From crash predictors to recession investments to interest rates, real estate enthusiasts are sure to stay ahead of the curve.

Standout episodes:

  • What to Invest in During a Recession
  • The Not-So-Scary Way to Start Buying Real Estate in 2022
  • Host vs. Hotels: Is there still room in the short-term rental market?

Whether you’re new to personal finance or you’re a seasoned investor, there’s a financial podcast in this list for you.

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