Be Supportive on Social Media: Don’t Make it All About You

It always feels good to share your own accolades online, but have you ever thought about the long-term effects of what you post?

For instance, I have a friend who only shares their recent, published work online. Every day, there’s some post about a new fitness article he wrote or that his writing is being featured in some upcoming magazine. Now, I always support his success, but after a while, what he shares starts to lose its value. Because for me, I like to consume content that’s impactful. That means I want to engage with someone’s thoughts, what inspires them, who or what they’re inspired by—not to only have a virtual tour of their personal trophy case. 

Online, and on social media in general, you don’t have to make it all about you. In fact, you can be supportive and creative when it comes to others. And more often than not, doing so can even lead to you making stronger connections to boost your personal success. 

Hear me out: 

Start By Lifting Up Other People

In my opinion, LinkedIn is one of the best social platforms to enhance your footprint as a freelancer. 

The entire community is professional, and it’s a great place to scour industry news, gain insight on your peers, and of course, promote one’s success. However, a strategy that I’ve been following over the past few years is to lift other people up for what they accomplish or share. 

Rather than me posting about a new blog post that just went live, I find it more beneficial to scroll through my timeline and research what other people are doing. If it’s someone’s birthday, I’ll hit them with a thumbs up. If they just got a new job promotion, I’ll congratulate them on their new journey. If they post an engaging thought on a certain topic, I’ll leave a comment and thank them for their insight. 

The idea is to support other thought-leaders and connections within your immediate pipeline. By doing this, you not only start to build positive reinforcement around things you care about, but you also let other people know that you’re engaged in they’re accomplishments—you care about what they’re doing. 

Over time, this constant camaraderie snowballs into a cycle of give and take. You scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours. Now, when you got to post something you’ve done or feel proud of, those same connections will recognize your efforts and be more likely to return the goodwill. 

Use that Support to Your Advantage

A perfect example of this comes from a guy I know on Facebook who was getting ready to launch a new online media website. 

He’s from the Philippines, and one day, I saw an interesting post that he shared about the basketball culture in Southeast Asia. Now, I’m a basketball lover, too, so naturally, I left him a comment and re-shared the post to help build its exposure. This cycle went on for about a month before I got a message from him thanking me:

Hey there Chase,  thanks so much for supporting my content and sharing the news about my business. I see that you have a lot of experience with web design and content marketing—would you be up for helping us with some new projects?

And the rest is history. Now, that initial stranger is a client, as well as a personal friend. At least once a month, he sends me some SEO projects for his new site, and I still support his growth by sharing his content to my wider network. 

I can’t tell you how many clients have emerged from simply being supportive online and on social media. All you need to do is use that support to your advantage—to advance the agenda of others while blending them alongside your personal achievements. 

Build the Momentum with Fiverr

And not just on LinkedIn or Facebook—you can use these same principals anywhere online or in-person. As long as you create a genuine sense of community that doesn’t solely revolve around what you’re doing, then you’re opening the door for other opportunities to arise. 

On Fiverr, that sense of community-driven success permeates everywhere. From a vast network of clients looking to hire freelance talent to open forums and additional platforms that inspire freelance growthbecoming a seller on Fiverr gives you access to a whole new world of possibilities. 

I encourage you to stop thinking personally and start thinking globally: when you lift others up, it gives everyone a chance to see their dreams on the horizon. 

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