Across All Borders

On October 3rd, we celebrate the end of the German division. This holiday in fall is more than a relaxing extended weekend. It is a reminder that boundaries, no matter how permanent they seem to be, can always be overcome. We want to celebrate this day and show that separation means isolation, and only connectedness can bring us further.

In the 30 years since the Fall of the Wall, the world has changed completely and not always for the better. And yet, the good things that happened cannot be denied. The once gigantic world has become a little bit smaller for many of us. Today, we are more than just inhabitants of cities and countries. Technology has brought us all closer together. And every day we feel that we are part of something bigger.

borders collage

The boundaries that have been drawn in our heads are disappearing a little bit day by day. We communicate with people from everywhere, we learn from each other, and together we create beautiful things. We realize our dreams and help others do the same, just by coming closer together.

We at Fiverr believe that this must be celebrated. So we commissioned talented freelance illustrator Anna Roschker to visualize this concept of a world with fewer boundaries and divisions. She has immortalized it in the Berlin Wall Park, and our very own berlin-based Fiverr Pro photographer Kathleen Springer captured it all.

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