Acorn Increases Product Awareness Using Fiverr

Acorn is a tech startup that offers a location-based mobile app for leaving multi-media messages on a given location to users and followers called ‘acorns’.

The company has found it can increase the awareness of its product by relying on multiple online and social marketing services offered by Fiverr® sellers. Pleased with the quality and timeliness of the Gigs®, Acorn will continue to turn to Fiverr for professional business services.

What is Acorn?

You simply type your message, choose your recipient, such as yourself or a group of friends, and select the place you want your recipient to see the message. With Acorn, you can remind yourself to pick up the groceries on your way home from work, right as you are passing the store. You can leave a note that tells visitors where the house key is hidden as they arrive at your front door.

What was the inspiration for Acorn?

Our CEO and Co-Founder Gabriel Otte wanted to send his girlfriend on a digital scavenger hunt that would end in his marriage proposal to her. There wasn’t a good app for that, so he built one. As he did, he became fascinated with the concept of location-aware messaging and reminders and how powerful they could be if the messages were delivered as the recipient arrived at certain locations.

How did you come to Fiverr? How has it helped you accomplish your goals?

We heard about Fiverr through DreamIt Ventures NYC, an excellent start-up accelerator program. We have used Fiverr to raise awareness of our app by buying Gigs to introduce our app to thousands of users on social media sites.

What has your buying experience been like on Fiverr?

Fiverr has been a great tool for us. We have been able to increase our product awareness through multiple online and social marketing services. The variety of services that Fiverr provides in the world of marketing is tremendous. Our requests have been delivered on time and as expected.

Are you relying on Fiverr talent to support your organization? If so, be sure to share your story in the comments below.

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