A Subscription Service Designed for Customers and Their Peace of Mind

(BPT) - Walmart is laser-focused on offering customers the easiest and most convenient shopping experience, no matter how they shop.

When customers shop at Walmart.com or our app, their baskets often comprise repeat items, which means precious time is spent during every weekly shopping trip finding and adding the items they've purchased countless times before.

As a way to give customers back time and provide a more convenient shopping experience, Walmart is introducing subscriptions, a new service that's highly convenient, flexible, and customized to meet their needs. It not only saves customers time during their weekly shop but also gives them the peace of mind that the things they need are always at their doorsteps when they need them.

Our starting assortment focuses on the categories and items our customers shop the most frequently, including tens of thousands of everyday essentials spanning pet food, supplements, diapers, and paper towels. These items will be automatically delivered on their preferred cadence, whether it be every two weeks or every two months. With no fees or commitments, they can also cancel at any time. To help customers build their go-to basket, we recommend more items they might like, and suggest the most useful replenishment cadence based on past orders.

We also know our customers lead busy lives, and plans can change at the drop of a hat. Our subscriptions service also offers the largest window to adjust the subscriptions before their items are delivered. We'll send a reminder to them six days before their estimated delivery date, prompting them to adjust their subscriptions if needed. They have up to 48 hours to make changes before their order is processed for delivery, offering them even more flexibility.

This is just the beginning for Walmart subscriptions, and we'll continue to add items and build out the service over the coming months. This exciting opportunity for us as a company will accelerate our goal of making online shopping simple and easy for our customers. You can find out more about how to subscribe to products and manage your subscriptions here.

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