A rental property remodel done right

(BPT) - When it comes to upgrades and functional design, a rental property is often a space that's left on the backburner. Whether it's prepping for new tenants or simply giving a space a quick face lift, these projects can sometimes become overwhelming. See below for easy installation ideas and simple tips to ensure you have a fully functional bathroom with a beautiful design aesthetic.

Bring purpose to the sink

It doesn't matter if the goal is to upgrade a bathroom or if one is starting from scratch, assuring the sink space is multi-functional is a crucial step! Replacing a faucet could seem daunting, but the Peerless® Precept® Single-Handle Bath Faucet makes this process a breeze. What's great about it is it saves both time and money as it comes with a Push Pop-Up Drain Assembly included! Unlike other drain assemblies that require multiple parts (and purchases), this user-friendly accessory works seamlessly with the faucet itself and comes with all necessary parts to easily install it.

By simply pushing down on its head, a sink can quickly be filled up with water for a variety of uses. One can create an at-home ice water face dip for the ultimate self-care regimen, an emergency stain soak, or even a bath for the little ones.

Establish a complementing look with a unified finish

A bathroom can easily feel cluttered when it has too many elements and colors. A simple way to forgo this overwhelming feeling is by implementing a uniform finish. Not only will one finish and style lend clarity to a bathroom design, but it will also help deliver that polished and flawless look. For instance, for a bath space that has a black finish, small adds like a black-rimmed mirror, dark-stained stool, or charcoal vase will provide the accents to the overall color scheme. The possibilities are endless!

Add more functionality

Rental property bathrooms oftentimes deliver the bare minimum by only providing a basic toilet, working faucet and a showerhead. For those looking to level up their rental shower experience without breaking the bank, an easy way in is by installing a multifunctional fixture beyond just a showerhead. The Peerless® Precept® Slide Bar with Hand Shower delivers just that. When added onto an existing showerhead, it can operate on its own or also at the same time, creating an instant at-home spa-like experience. Not to mention its pause feature reduces water to a trickle, giving space for shaving and lathering - ideal for any guest shower.

When thinking through ways to transform a rental investment property, being efficient, yet thoughtful is the way to go. Extensive restorations are a thing of the past when one can find easy-to-install and functional items that still deliver a beautiful design. From unifying the color scheme to implementing new fixtures, even the slightest updates can make the biggest difference.

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