A Picture is Worth 1000 Sales: Increase Your Ecommerce Earnings with Your Brand’s Blog

As the internet landscape changes the way consumers interact with brands, many companies are incorporating blogs into their websites. By having their own blogs, they can create content that improves how high they appear in organic search results, while also informing and entertaining website visitors.

But sometimes a blog can feel out of place on a site that’s dedicated to selling products. Unlike service-focused businesses, which may reference a specific type of experience, product-focused businesses need to create stories that showcase particular items. That may be difficult, but it’s not impossible – especially when you use compelling images to help tell your story (tip: Fiverr entrepreneurs are great at this).

Here’s how to use your blog in an engaging way that helps boost sales:

Make it personal.

If you aren’t recommending products to your customers, you may be missing a valuable opportunity. Research shows that 56% of customers are more likely to buy from sites that offer personalized product recommendations. Home decor retailer Uncommon Goods uses its blog to feature the very products customers are looking for, including gift guides and niche items. As you can imagine, the editors dole out a healthy dose of Pinterest-optimized photos, not just at the top of the posts but throughout the articles. Such colorful images can be just the inspiration needed for a site visitor to become a customer.

Tell a story.

Storytelling is highly effective in engaging customers. Online fashion retailer Dynamite Clothing uses photos of models on the go to feature the products it sells. Interspersed with those blog posts are profiles of inspirational people and promotional posts about the company’s fashion collections. Photos of models wearing your products are already very engaging. But if you take the extra step to tell stories about entrepreneurs in the space, you’ll pick up new visitors who may be more inclined to actually make a purchase, and not just window shop.

Offer tips.

Service-focused businesses aren’t the only ones who can generate how-to pieces. Bass Pro Shops demonstrates how tip-based articles can be used to feature products on its boating and camping blogs. If your business sells products that can be incorporated into how-to articles (which can be expertly crafted by a Fiverr freelancer), you can win by connecting with customers who are likely to share them with others. In the long run, that means more people purchasing more of your products.

Have you ever featured products on your business blog? Tell us your success stories in the comments below.

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