A Freelancer’s Guide to Tel Aviv

At Fiverr, we’re shaping the future of work every day and we love to celebrate our community’s ability to live and work on their own terms while enjoying the flexibility of a freelance lifestyle.

In our new blog series, A Freelancer’s Guide, we’re exploring different global cities and how to succeed as a freelancer in them. Whether you’re just visiting or living there full-time, these are places where you can thrive as an entrepreneur. So first up, a place near and dear to our hearts Fiverr’s Global HQ, Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv has emerged as a hub of creativity and innovation and as a city fueled by startups and freelancers, it’s an independent worker’s dream. With a fascinating history, gorgeous beaches, and friendly people, Tel Aviv is one place you don’t want to miss!

Where to Stay

Tel Aviv is not an especially big city, but even in its relatively small size it manages to have a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own character and style.


If you’re into the hip art scene, then Florentine is the neighborhood for you. Dotted with eye-catching graffiti and full small and trendy restaurants and cafes, this is the area for young creative types. As an added bonus, it’s only a 15 minute walk to the beach and it͛s got easy bus access to the rest of the city.


Rothschild is a long, wide boulevard lined with cafes and full of people strolling and enjoying the sunshine. The avenue begins in the south of the city and ends in the center, at the national theater whose square includes a small garden with classical music playing gently out of embedded speakers. Along the avenue you͛ll also be able to enjoy Tel Aviv͛s iconic Bauhaus architecture.


A historic port city, Jaffa offers a captivating mix of cultures, a wide array of food and drink, and great shopping. Located on the water, Jaffa’s ancient alleyways are full of artist galleries and workshops. In the modern part of Jaffa, you’ll find streets bustling with people enjoying the outdoor dining options or shopping in the flea market.

Old North

If you want the easiest access to the beach or to be right next to Tel Aviv’s large and green Park HaYarkon, then the Old North is for you. Wide streets sprinkled with cute cafes, great restaurants, and with easy access to the entire city, the Old North is a family-friendly and relaxed neighborhood.

Where to Eat

Tel Aviv is a city that loves to eat, and there’s no shortage of excellent restaurants! Whether you want some fresh falafel, or fine dining, Tel Aviv has got it all. Here are a few highlights from across the spectrum, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Tucked in an alley behind Tel Aviv’s central market, Shuk HaCarmel, HaMitbahon which means ͚the little kitchen offers classic Israeli comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere.


Just around the corner from the spice market, called Shuk Levinsky, Dalida offers a menu full of dishes that are made for sharing. Dalida is a trendy spot with creative Mediterranean-style food.

Shaffa Bar

Shaffa Bar, located in Jaffa just by the flea market, is almost entirely outdoors and they offer a fresh menu with a mix of classic and creative dishes covering a variety of cuisines.

Night Kitchen

Another restaurant where sharing is caring, Night Kitchen’s menu is Mediterranean-inspired and has something for everyone. Before dinner, enjoy a cocktail at their attached pub, Moonshine, where they offer tasty homemade drinks.

Manta Ray

Nestled on the beach, Manta Ray offers high quality seafood with an unbeatable view. Enjoy the brunch and watch the waves crash or go there for a special dinner.

Old Man and the Sea

A Jaffa staple, the Old Man and the Sea is located in the port with a perfect seaside view. Service here is fast-paced, but the experience is unique! Right when you sit down, 18 small dishes of different salads and a basket of fresh pita and lemonade are placed on your table. Order entrees to go with it or enjoy the salads which are unlimited, as soon as you finish a dish it is whisked away and replaced.

Where to Work

When it comes to finding a café that is comfortable to work in and where the staff don’t mind if you sit for hours nursing a cappuccino, Tel Aviv is really a freelancer’s paradise. It seems like every step takes you past yet another café, since Tel Avivians love to sit, sip, and chat. Wherever you are in the city, you’re sure to find a great spot to work, but here are some recommendations.


Located on Mazeh 9, in-between an art gallery and a student center, this café offers a quiet spot to work and when you need a break, you can just explore their collection of books.

Under the Tree

Around the corner from the beach and open 24/7, this leafy café offers great food and coffee for the early bird and the night owl and everyone in between.

The Streets

Bright and airy, the streets is conveniently situated in the city center. With a full menu of food and drinks, you can easily pass the day away enjoying the work-friendly atmosphere.


If you’re looking for a place that is all about getting work done, then Misantrope is it. Pay for the hour and enjoy free coffee, tea, fruit and snacks. The perfect place for pure productivity.

Where to Network

In the city where everybody has a startup or has an idea for a startup, the networking scene is vibrant and the atmosphere is collaborative. There are talks and events for entrepreneurs through a variety of organizations, but these are a few of the best places to meet other entrepreneurs.


WeWork isn’t just a shared office space, it’s an active community. The open feel of the physical and cultural aspects of WeWork make it the ideal place to get work done while networking with others.

Cowork Bay

A seaside view for inspiration, and a complete office space with everything you need to get work done from coffee to meeting rooms and even showers (in case you take a swim during your break), Cowork Bay encourages networking and collaboration through open spaces and community events.

Startup Grind Tel Aviv

Hear from inspiring speakers and meet up with like-minded entrepreneurs with this active and innovative group. Startup Grind is all about connecting people and facilitating innovation, so if you’re in town during one of their events then you don’t want to miss out.

Campus Tel Aviv

Campus Tel Aviv is a space that Google has created just for entrepreneurs to meet, learn, and network. They have regular events aimed at different sectors of the entrepreneur community and featuring speakers from various industries. This is not only a great place to meet others, but it’s a great place to get inspired.

Where to Meet

In a way, every spot in Tel Aviv is a great meeting spot. Cafes, parks, and the beach all offer their own vibe depending on the kind of meeting you͛re having. These are just a few ideas of places to hold your meetings while you’re in town.


Sosa is a co-working space which puts an extra emphasis on facilitating collaboration. They offer meeting rooms where you can host and be hosted as well as a variety of events with various industry experts.

Café Zorik

Café Zorik is easy to get to but far enough off the main streets that it offers a quiet and relaxed meeting spot for freelancers. Good coffee and good food both make it a nice place to sit before and after your meeting as well.


While you do need a monthly membership to gain access, 24/7 meeting rooms open to members and guests and equipped with the tech you need to make your meeting run smoothly, this co-working space is ideal for visitors who have both work to do and meetings to conduct.

Brew Shop Coffee

Tel Aviv is almost exclusively an espresso city, so if you’re looking for a quiet space to have a business meeting over an excellent cup of coffee, then Brew Shop Café is it. Located near the city center but away from all the hustle and bustle, it’s a good place meet and do business while enjoying every sip.

My Favorite Spot

Even though Tel Aviv has tons of cafes and restaurants, there’s one place that I always find myself drawn back to and where I love to bring visitors. Café Suzanna, located in the ultra-charming neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, is great whether you just want a cup of coffee or for a full meal any time of day. It’s got a laid back atmosphere and Neve Tzedek is one of the nicest areas to stroll around with its cute shops and artist galleries.

So if you’re living in, or considering a trip to Tel Aviv and need a great place to work, we hope that this post will help you find it! Have any places to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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