7 ways to solve common laundry problems and improve your laundry setup

(BPT) - No matter which way you look at it, laundry is a chore. But this National Laundry Day, you can actually make doing laundry easier and more enjoyable with top tips from laundry experts.

Here are some common laundry problems - and their solutions.

1. Clothes smell musty

Solution: Clean your machine. You can help prevent buildup of mold and mildew plus detergent and softener by running your washer's cleaning cycle once a month. This will help eliminate unpleasant odors in your machine so your clothing always comes out smelling clean and fresh.

2. Family members have allergies

Solution: Seek allergen-fighting features. Cleaning your washing machine can help cut down on allergens in your laundry, but you could also consider upgrading to a machine with features designed to reduce allergens. LG manufactures several products that are CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Another effective solution is to add an air purifier to your laundry room. For example, the LG PuriCare 360 Dual Air Purifier with Clean Booster removes over 90% of airborne allergens, including areas low to the ground.

3. The washer and dryer aren't functional in the space

Solution: Rethink your laundry space. Whether you have a dedicated laundry room or a carved-out area for your machines, how they're arranged makes a big difference. While you have limits due to where your water/power hookups are located, there are things you can do to improve your setup.

  • Reverse machine doors. This can be a game-changer when it comes to functionality.
  • Put it up on a pedestal. For uncomfortably low machines, pedestals can make them more ergonomic.
  • Go vertical. For limited spaces, a stackable washer/dryer unit is the perfect solution, like the LG WashTower. It packs all the features you want in half the floor space, and the easy-reach center control panel means no step stool is needed to control your washer/dryer.

4. Clothes just don't get clean enough

Solution: Choose a washer with deep-cleaning features. Nothing is more frustrating than taking your clothes out of the washer to find that they still haven't reached that ideal clean you were looking for. There are a few ways to solve for this. The first is to make sure you are using the best cycles/settings for that particular load of laundry. Several LG washers include built-in AI technology to recommend optimal cycles based on fabric textures and load sizes.

Plus, you can't go wrong by investing in a traditional top-load washer with agitator that offer more thorough cleaning and smart conveniences that save time like LG's 4.8 cubic feet model which features a unique 4-way wash action that moves clothes left and right, up and down for a thorough yet gentle clean.

5. It's impossible to keep up with the laundry

Solution: Upgrade to a larger capacity unit that helps you stay on top of your family's laundry. It's pretty unanimous across households that laundry is the one chore that feels as if it is never ending. To make the process less time consuming, invest in a washer that can get the job done in fewer loads. For example, the Mega Capacity Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer has a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet to help you get everything done in less time. With its TurboWash360, you can power-clean any load in less than 30 minutes. And by connecting to your Wi-Fi network, you can track or schedule cycles and receive alerts when loads are done. Better yet, bundle your washer with a SideKick Pedestal Washer that lets you do two loads at once.

6. Your dryer takes too long

Solution: Take steps to improve dryer function. Ensuring your dryer is operating at optimal performance won't just save you time, but it is also important for your safety. Cleaning the lint trap after every cycle is the first step in helping your dryer work more efficiently. However, lint can still build up over time, making your dryer less efficient - and less safe. Further steps include:

  • Using your vacuum's hose attachments to clean in and around the dryer lint trap housing.
  • Cleaning dryer ducts at least once a year.

7. You want dry cleaner results without the constant trips

Solution: Invest in a steam closet. Caring for your clothes is a priority, and an LG Styler helps you keep everything in better condition - even dry-clean-only items. Not only does it freshen and remove odors from clothes you plan to wear again it also sanitizes, deodorizes and freshens even your delicates with chemical-free steam technology. Its exclusive moving hanger system helps keep wrinkles at bay and can sanitize awkwardly shaped items like throw pillows.

With these tips, you can make improvements to your laundry setup for a cleaner, fresher wardrobe for National Laundry Day - and every day.

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