6 Reasons to Hire a Former Journalist for Your Copy Needs

Journalists know a thing or two about writing. 

From gathering quality information and interviewing insightful sources to drafting engaging content under tight deadlines, journalists are true wordsmiths with stellar communication skills.

And now they can work directly for you on Fiverr:

The Benefits of Collaborating With Journalists-Turned-Freelance Writers

As the media landscape evolves, traditional print and broadcast journalists are looking for ways to supplement or replace lost income due to downsizing and layoffs. 

Many are available on Fiverr ready to flex their professional communication talents. Hire a journalist to create blog posts, white papers, e-books, newsletters, web pages, social media content and so much more. If it requires words, they can write it! 

Here’s why you should connect with them.

They Find Relevant Sources 

Leave it to a journalist to delve into industry-respected journals, locate professional organizations and study research reports.

They know the difference between a casual blogger’s opinion and vetted information. Just let them know which type of source you want in your copy.

They Conduct Quality Interviews 

The art of conversation is second-nature to a seasoned journalist. 

They talk to people daily. They know how to ask probing questions that yield more than bland yes/no responses. And journalists are no strangers to taking quality notes and working from transcripts. They are true communication pros.

They Embrace Tone and Style Guides 

Every news outlet offers up a variety of engaging segments. 

From lifestyle features and community reporting to world news and seasonal recipes, each has its own tone. If your content needs vary in voice and presentation, a journalist can handle the frequent pivots with ease.

They are Trained to Write

Well, duh. 

Most journalists have spent years learning about their craft in college, then honing it for a paycheck. Their skill is writing, first and foremost. If you do anything for multiple hours each day, you’ll end up getting pretty good at it, especially when it’s your livelihood! 

Not to mention, they have tremendous skill in writing multiple stories in a short amount of time. If you’re looking to churn out tons of content or need constant updates about industry news, a journalist is a perfect addition. 

They Know How to Tell a Story

The ability to craft engaging content that pulls in readers with a storytelling approach is hot in the world of content marketing

Connect with a former features reporter, and you have a well-versed storyteller at your fingertips to create case studies, long-form content and interview-based pieces. You can even use a journalist’s talents to write compelling briefs that you can give to others. 

The bottom line is that they can formulate your ideas into one train of thought that’s easy to understand for others. 

They Meet Deadlines Daily

A journalist’s day revolves around meeting expectations or answering why there’s a gap in the publication cycle. 

They know deadlines are a mandatory, critical component to publishing. Without content ready to go, there would be blank spaces in newspapers and dead airtime on television. Use this quality to your advantage to maximize your content schedule or create multiple forms of content within a short timespan. 

Journalists Want to Work With You, Too

These word-lovers thrive in the ideation-creation loop. 

And if they’re trying to make an extra buck or transition to the world of being a full-time freelancer, they’re hungry for opportunities. Why not tap into their professional backgrounds and skills to grow your business? 

Search for a writer on Fiverr and connect today! Your next content piece could be drafted next week!

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