6 Essential Items to Start a YouTube Channel

Whether it be the funny cat videos or daily blogging from content creators, YouTube has become a lucrative career path that many pursue. 

Choosing this career means that you’ll need to be consistent with your content and gain an audience so you can actually make some dough. However, having good content ideas is only one piece of the puzzle—you need to be able to execute those ideas with quality equipment!

A way to start with solid content creation on YouTube is to invest in a quality camera and some gear that can take your channel to the next level, like a tripod, microphone, vlogging stick, etc. 

If you’re new to YouTube and need some help picking out the right gear, below is a rundown of some popular choices that will help you succeed. 

Solid YouTube Cameras and Other Gizmos

There are plenty of different cameras and appliances that can help your channel grown, but here are some simple gadgets that can get you started:

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

If your desired Youtube videos are vlogs, then the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III is perfect for you. Despite Its big appearance, it’s actually quite compact as the polycarbonate shell lightens the load and will make recording yourself from certain angles a breeze. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about your quality even if you can’t see what you’re recording since this camera has tremendous auto-focus and stabilization. 

It isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it’s lightyears better than what your own phone would capture in terms of quality and audio. However, if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of other Sony and Canon cameras to check out on a list over at techradar.com.

Overall, it’s a lightweight and reliable camera that is great for vlogging and everyday type content, as well as helping you start your YouTube channel. 

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Switching gears.

if you plan to have your channel pump out content that involves travel—things like snowboarding or biking, or using your account for other action sports—the GoPro Hero 8 Black is your best bet. GoPro’s are extremely compact, so there won’t be any issues carrying it around or holding it out in front of your face. Plus, its durability allows it to withstand any outside elements, like rain, mud, dirt, snow, etc.  

The quality of GoPros has never been better, either. Each year, the company comes out with updated models that are more rugged and hyper smooth, which stabilizes your shots. You can also choose what modes to film in, like 1080p or 4k, and you can also take still photos for selfies or savoring moments on Instagram. 

Plus, you can customize your GoPro Hero 8 with lights, mounts, displays, and you can even live stream your footage directly to YouTube using the GoPro app on your smartphone. It’s the ultimate, lightweight camera to capture moments on-the-go. 

Logitech C922 Pro

Maybe travel videos or vlogging isn’t your style, but you want to make YouTube videos around your home computer—the Logitech C922 Pro is a perfect choice!

A lot of YouTube videos involve sitting and vlogging, and since this device sits right on your desktop, it makes it simple for you to continue doing your work on the computer, while you explain information and processes to your viewers. It’s the best companion for screen share videos, tutorials, or even if you want to record yourself doing a podcast— if you don’t have a microphone, don’t worry! The Logitech C922 Pro also comes with one built-in. 

In addition, after you purchase the Logitech C922 Pro, you get a three-month subscription service to XSplit broadcaster and Gamecaster—two streaming platforms that help organize and stream your content on Twitch or other sites. 

Blue Yeti Microphone

Sticking with deskside accessories, the world’s best USB microphone is the Blue Yeti microphone from Blue Designs. 

They produce high-quality audio equipment at a great price, and if you want to ensure that all of your YouTube videos have excellent sound for your viewer, you can easily set this up on your desk and record to a separate device and then drop your audio into the footage.

No one is going to want to watch your videos or streams if the audio is bothersome, so to ensure that that never happens, you can invest in a Blue Yeti. Plus, it’s a great microphone to launch a podcast with or use for ZOOM calls with clients.

Elgato HD60 S

One more addition to your deskside Youtube kit should be an Elgato. 

This is what records the gameplay for your videos—a valuable tool for video game enthusiasts who want to share their progress with an audience online. There are plenty of cheaper capture cards out there, too, but an Elgato is the one that will give you the absolute best gameplay footage for your videos. On YouTube, clarity and quality is everything, so don’t be afraid to invest the extra funds when it can make all the difference for your potential to gain subscribers. 

Your Phone + DJ Osmo Mobile 2

Many will take the challenge of starting a YouTube channel on a budget, which means a lot of filming will take place with your smartphone.  

The DJ Osmo Mobile 2 is a lightweight gimbal that gives you a steadier hand when trying to film for YouTube. Quite often, filming things with your phone, by hand, creates a shaky image that might be a turn-off to viewers. However, with a gimbal, you always have a smooth filming experience that also doubles as a tripod, a selfie stick, and is portable enough to travel with on-the-go. 

For under $100, the DJ Osmo Mobile 2 turns your phone into the camera of your dreams, so if you plan on being a smartphone shooter, make sure to add this to your YouTube arsenal. 

The Bottom Line

There are so many cameras and things to choose from to help you build your YouTube channel, but it all starts with choosing the kinds of videos you want to make. 

Once you have an idea of the type of content you want to produce, then you can start with the right camera to buy and branch out to other tools that will help you succeed. More importantly, if you want help from other professionals to grow your channel, you can enlist a variety of freelancers on Fiverr to aid in your progress. 

For instance, you can hire freelance video editorssocial media managers, and even video marketing pros to help grow your channel to the right people. Success on YouTube is all about consistency and producing the best content, so make sure to work with gear and people that can help your channel grow. 

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