50 Ways Fiverr Freelancers Can Help Scale Your Online Business

Ready to scale your online business?

Great! Scale means growth, profit, and success. If you get it right. And scaling can be expensive, which is where Fiverr freelancers come in. Hiring experienced freelancers on an as-needed basis saves you time and resources and means you don’t have to hire in-house staff, get more office space, and all the other overheads that go along with it.

More and more businesses are seeing the value in hiring great freelancers rather than hiring full-time staffers.

In fact, LinkedIn noted that 70% of businesses have worked with freelancers as of 2018. On the flip side, only 52% of small businesses hired employees in 2018.

Why, though? We already know that freelancers are more dynamic and cost-effective than traditional employees. The diversity of our own Fiverr Pros is proof that today’s freelancers can tackle just about any area of expertise for SMBs.

You’d be surprised at just how many ways freelancers can scale a small business.

That’s exactly why we put together this list of 50 ways Fiverr freelancers are giving modern businesses a much-needed boost.

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What Can Freelancers Do to Help You Scale?

Hiring talent goes hand-in-hand with building a thriving, scalable business.

That doesn’t mean bogging yourself down with hiring and training new employees, though.

Instead, we recommend that you start with freelancers.

Below is our breakdown of how to use freelancers to scale your business. No matter what you’re selling or how “small” your business might be, chances are you can find a freelancer that can get the job done ASAP and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hire.

1. Build Your Business Plan

Many small businesses start out with, at best, a half-page bare-bones business plan, which is more like a mission statement than an actual plan. And still others start with no business plan at all. Which may work for a while, but as your company grows and you want to scale, you have to have a business plan. You’ll never secure funding or investment, and you’ll never truly scale without one. And it needs to be a proper one – with real forecasts, measurable goals, and so on. If you don’t know where to start and you don’t want to hire an over-priced agency or business consultant, come to Fiverr. We’ve got plenty of top-drawer professional freelancers who can help you craft a business plan and get your mission to scale off on the path to success.

Even if you already have a business plan, you may find that you’ve outgrown it. Therefore, it’s important to revisit, and possibly revise, your business plan every year or two.

2. Validate Your Idea

You’ve got your business plan, and you may even be experiencing a certain amount of success already. But, if you’re looking to scale your small business, either by expanding your product or service offerings, or just by pushing your existing ones, it’s important that you validate your concept. Just because you’re experiencing success on a small scale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your idea has merit and can support a growing business on a larger scale. So make sure you conduct adequate market research using specialist market research freelancers. These professionals can look at your audience, your competitors, and the wider industry to make sure your ideas hold water.

You can then work with a marketing strategist to ensure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

3. Invest in Your Business’ Branding to Stand Out from the Crowd

You might have the best product or service in the world, but it doesn’t mean much if your branding is totally off-base.

From creatives to positioning, working with a branding expert can uncover opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, creative freelancers can actually put together branding kits or promotional packages to transform your brand into something totally new.

4.Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Legal Counsel

Legal counsel is essential for small businesses but is, unsurprisingly, pricey. Rather than hire full-time legal help, consider how freelancers can take of tasks such as drawing up legal contracts or providing as-needed advice. A legal freelancer from Fiverr can give a business owner exactly what they need without a massive price tag.

5. Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

Should you be more active on social media? Do you need to produce more content?

Marketing strategists are key to determining what your top priorities should be and what you need to reach your goals.

With so many ways to market your business online today, having a second opinion can keep your business from stretching itself thin or investing in marketing channels that don’t make sense. Fiverr Pros like Miami Marketer offer a roadmap and consulting to help guide your business accordingly.

6. Tell Your Business Story with the Help of Freelance Writers

Let’s say you’re interested in guest posting or blogging but want to put your name on a piece of content. No problem! Skilled business ghostwriters are more than happy to let you take the credit, adopting your unique voice while writing compelling content that you may not have the time or energy to craft yourself.

Press releases are another powerful way to hype up what’s happening with your business and to get your brand’s story out there.

New product or service? Launching a new location? Let the world know!

Hiring a press release writer ensures that your announcement is share-worthy without being too wordy or self-indulgent. Fiverr Pros like Faswaldo can whip up a custom press release that speaks directly to your target audience.

7. Hire Freelance Business Bloggers to Boost Your Search Presence

Fact: businesses that blog receive 97% more inbound links versus those that don’t.

The problem? Blogging is time-consuming. And not every small business has a dedicated wordsmith on hand.

Freelance writers can cover just about any topic, either through firsthand expertise or research. Need to target keywords for SEO? Looking for someone to beef up your business’ blog? Having freelance bloggers on deck is helpful for one-off projects and long-term SEO pushes alike.

8. Build More Links with Experienced Guest Posters

On a related note, having your business’ content appear on relevant industry sites is crucial for both SEO and building your authority. Doing so is key whether you’re looking to scale a startup or small business in today’s competitive link-building landscape.

Beyond pitching sites for guest posts, many freelance writers and bloggers actually have relationships with high-authority sites where your content might be a perfect fit. Guest posts build name recognition and domain authority for your business.

9. Ensure Your Company Logo Matches Your Brand

For starters, most small businesses need some form of creative help. Logo designers can help bring your business branding to life, combining your own direction with their defined sense of style. From color scheme to font choice, even the smallest elements of your logo can have a big impact on how customers perceive your brand.

Whether it’s something small for your website or a full-blown logo rebrand, a freelance graphic designer can do the trick. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, logo design experts are capable of coming up with imagery that makes sense for your business.

10. Design a Stunning Business Card to “Wow” In-Person Customers

Modern businesses can’t neglect the importance of in-person marketing.

Awesome for networking events or conferences, professionally designed business cards are a subtle yet significant way to make your small business seem like a bigger play in your industry.

Check out Fiverr Pro-verified Alonda, as a shining example of a freelancer capable of creating designers that leave a lasting impression.

11. Optimize Your Google Listing to Attract More Local Customers

Like it or not, your position in Google matters. In a world where 92% of consumers will frequent a business based on whether or not it shows up on the first page of Google, brick-and-mortar businesses especially need to mind their local SEO.

From fine-tuning your Google My Business listing to targeting keywords specific to customers in your backyard, local search engine optimization is a valuable skill that’s definitely worth hiring a freelancer for.

12. Submit Your Business to Relevant Company Directories

Having your business appear in multiple directories is a low-hanging way to improve your search presence and drive more traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, manually adding your business to the dozens of directories out there is a total time-sink. Also, not every directory is the same in terms of its requirements, creatives, and optimization.

The good news? There are tons of business directory specialists who can do the legwork for you. These experts know the ins and outs of each directory, ensuring that your business looks like a million bucks with every submission.

13. Run a Facebook Ad Campaign to Win Social Customers

As social media becomes increasingly pay-to-play, more and more businesses are investing in Facebook ads.

However, Facebook’s ad platform has tons of moving pieces and requires some serious expertise to master. From graphic design and ad copy to timing and targeting, it pays to work with someone who has run ads in the past rather than try to navigate the platform yourself.

Fiverr Pros such as Cubellc not only boast portfolios brimming with ad examples and satisfied customers, but also completed courses from Learn From Fiverr. As a business owner, this level of expertise gives you added peace of mind as you know that the freelancer you’re working with has relevant experience.

14. Show Off Your Products in Search Engines with Google Ads

Although Facebook ads may seem like they’re all the rage, note that half of consumers say that they’ll gladly click on a Google Shopping ad, too.

If you’re running an ecommerce business, such ads may very well be your bread and butter. Companies selling physical inventory can show off their products to catch the eyes of relevant searchers and show up ahead of text results.

Google Ads specialists can break down everything from which types of product photos perform best to which keywords you should bid for. Much like Facebook ads, it pays to work with someone with a proven portfolio.

15. Put Your Company Front-and-Center in Google with PPC Ads

You’re probably seeing the theme here: taking a DIY approach to paid ads is rarely a good idea.

Whether it’s for Google or Amazon, PPC ads are effective for getting your products in front of searchers with specific intent based on keywords. The beauty of PPC ads is that you quite literally get what you pay for in terms of clicks. That said, you’re going to need someone who knows keyword research and Google’s Ad platform inside and out.

Fiverr Pro-verified DerekPPC is a shining example of a PPC expert in action, working on behalf of multi-million dollar companies while also helping small businesses set up their Google Adwords from scratch.

16. Let a Social-Savvy Marketer Take the Reins of Your Social Accounts

Social media isn’t just reserved for big brands.

Of course, social media is a notorious time-waster for businesses who don’t have an explicit strategy or someone who knows the ropes of each social network. And many SMBs can’t afford to have someone manage their accounts in-house and full-time.

The solution? Work with a freelancer! Hiring a social media manager on an ongoing basis means that your accounts won’t gather cobwebs, but doing so won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Skilled social managers can likewise uncover creative ways to engage new followers and win customers. Many have access to paid third-party tools, too, further saving you money.

17. Optimize Your On-Site Content for SEO

Do you know how to optimize your site’s meta description? Alt-tags? Does it sound like we’re speaking gibberish?

Whether or not you totally understand why, chances are your on-site content could use some tuning up.

SEO content writers can take care of optimizing your on-site content beyond blog posts. This includes landing pages, service pages, your “About” page, and everything in-between based on Google’s best practices.

18. Build an Email List of Loyal Subscribers

You’ve heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”, right? Well, it’s true. An email list allows you to regularly engage your subscribers and customers.

And while email marketing is known to have a sky-high ROI ($38 in return for every $1 spent), setting up your first campaign can be daunting if you’re starting from scratch.

That’s where Fiverr freelancers can help. You can find email marketing freelancers on Fiverr who specialize in any email marketing services such as MailChimp and SendGrid. They also know how to craft perfect emails that engage your subscribers and encourage them to take action. Rather than second-guessing what to send and when to send it, let an established expert do the legwork for you.

19. Engage Your Customers with Consistent Newsletters

Sending regular email newsletters is a prime way to engage your audience and keep your business fresh in your customers’ minds.

With the help of a newsletter writer from Fiverr, you can come up with offers, headlines, and content to send your hungry subscribers on a regular basis. Newsletter writers can either adapt your notes or create newsletters from scratch, plugging your message into stylish and professional templates to give your small business a “big business” feel.

20. Come Up with New Email Campaigns to Compel Repeat Customers

As noted earlier, email marketing is invaluable to small businesses.

However, consistently coming up with campaigns means having writers on deck who know how to encourage readers to click-through.

Email campaign writers can put together a series or sales funnel series and take care of everything from calls-to-action to proper formatting. They can also provide you with results and analytics to determine which messages pack the most punch.

21. Design an Infographic That Sells Your Service’s Strengths

Infographics are a totally underrated way to highlight what your product does to relevant customers.

One of the most popular types of content on social media, an infographic allows you to showcase your product’s strongest points at a glance.

Rather than require someone to read a blog post to understand what you’re selling, you can tell your story in a matter of seconds by presenting the key points in a striking visual format. Infographic designers on the Fiverr marketplace can create an infographic to your specifications easily.

22. Get More Eyes on Your Business with a Digital Commercial

Although product commercials and video marketing used to be associated with big-budget brands, small businesses are getting on board with the help of freelancers.

Showcasing your product in action not only helps you convert more customers, but also keeps your on-site visitors glued to your product or landing pages. For example, Fiverr Pro and freelance video editor MikeVann has thousands of satisfied customers, producing videoes for an endless array of products.

23. Fine-Tune Your WordPress Site Performance

Did you know that 75 million sites currently run on WordPress?

Although WordPress is certainly accessible, there’s a lot that goes into optimization and setting up plugins. If you aren’t familiar with the platform yourself, it’s a smart move to let an expert handle your setup for the sake of improving your site’s performance and functionality.

Through Fiverr, you can find a freelance WordPress developer who can take care of anything from plugin installations to setting up a WordPress site from scratch.

24. Set Up an Ecommerce Store to Reach More Customers

Not unlike WordPress, integrating an ecommerce platform into your site can be a headache for small business owners looking to take their products online.

Finding a freelance website developer with ecommerce experience can take care of that headache, though. Fiverr freelancers can set up a Shopify storefront that’s fully functional and ready to start selling in a matter of days.

25. Showcase Your Business’ Expertise with an Ebook

Anything you can do to signal your business’ authority in your industry is a plus. That’s why we see so many business owners promoting ebooks and expert guides based on their industries.

And if you think that writing a book on behalf of your business is too lofty of a goal, think again.

Whether you need an entire book written or a freelance editor to come up with a narrative based on your own notes, we’ve got you covered. Many ebook writers on Fiverr can turn around a small, polished product within a week.

26. Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks with a Virtual Assistant

Representing a sort of jack-of-all-trades, virtual assistants are game-changers for busy business owners who need multiple, tedious tasks off their to-do list. From data entry to helping you reach “inbox zero” by handling emails, you can grow and scale your business faster with a virtual assistant on deck.

27. Revamp Your Business’ Keyword Strategy

Reality check: your search engine performance is only as good as your keyword research and optimization.

Taking a DIY approach to keywords is less than ideal, especially if you don’t know much about SEO.

Meanwhile, keyword research specialists can research relevant and targetable keywords for your specific industry. Many have access to paid, third-party tools to help home in on keywords that you may not be able to find doing your own research.

28. Show Off Your Products or Services on Instagram

Instagram has become the go-to social network for any small business that has a “visual” product.

Working in ecommerce? Run a brick-and-mortar business? You need to be on IG, assuming your key demographics match Instagram’s user base.

But if you’re totally new to Instagram, growing your following is easier said than done.

Instagram experts can clue you in on which types of campaigns to run and the types of content that help you stand out from the crowd. Working with such a specialist can help you learn how to engage new followers and write compelling captions if you’re not ready to totally hand over the reins of your account. However, if you’d rather offload the management and growth of your Instagram presence, you can easily find an Instagram manager on Fiverr.

29. Establish a Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another growing social network and prime territory for any business in the B2B space.

If you want to to show off your industry expertise, look no further than LinkedIn to flex your influence and highlight why you’re a step above the competition.

Freelance LinkedIn marketers know how to help small businesses grow on LinkedIn, including optimizing company pages based on the platform’s best practices.

30. Convert More Customers by Revising Your Landing Pages

A well-optimized landing page has the potential to drive leads and convert customers time and time again.

Giving the many moving pieces of conversion optimization, you can’t just “wing” your landing pages. Finding freelance web designers and conversion experts ensure that you’ll uncover the creatives and copy that will win those ever-so-important clicks.

For example, Fiverr Pro Szliard_ has built countless landing pages with a focus on UX and design that converts customers.

31. Ramp Up Your Content Production on Social Media

Even if you have your social accounts on lockdown, there’s an expectation for businesses to create new social content day after day.

Doing so is incredibly time-consuming if done in-house. Outsourcing social media posts to freelancers is less of a resource drain and frees up you and your team.

Looking for creative questions to ask your followers? What about a meme or shocking statistic? Social media content creators can come up with posts that result in viral sharing and follower engagement.

32. Double-Check That Your Website is Optimized for Mobile

If your small business’ site isn’t optimized for mobile visitors, chances are you’re missing out on potential customers.

And just because your site or theme boasts responsive design doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the clear.

Everything from your buttons and contact forms to links and landing pages might look drastically different on different devices. A Fiverr freelancer specializing in mobile optimization and UX (user experience) can give you peace of mind regarding your site’s performance for visitors on-the-go.

33. Scale Your Business’ Content Strategy

Many small businesses are upping their investment in content marketing. A scalable solution that’s likewise great for SEO and authority, it offers long-term rewards and, potentially, greater ROI than PPC.

Whether it’s someone to come up with a content plan or do the actual writing for you, it pays to have a roadmap in terms of what you should produce based on your business’ budget and scope. A content strategist can provide the answers in black-and-white.

34. Revise Your Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are a key component of SEO that is easy to overlook. Ideally, your descriptions should be unique and should both include keywords and search-engine friendly content, along with rich descriptions that inform and encourage readers to purchase.

Writers that specialize in descriptions understand buyer psychology but also have the SEO know-how necessary to hit your target keywords. In short, a freelance product description writer can make your product descriptions more compelling in a snap.

35. Guarantee That Google Analytics is Properly Set Up

Google Analytics is an absolute treasure trove of information to help build your business, assuming you know how to read your data.

Fiverr is home to tons of Google experts, including analysts who can break down your analytics and set up Google tag manager for your website. This gives your business a more comprehensive understanding of your website traffic, including where visitors are coming from and what’s compelling them to click once they land on-site.

36. Drive Conversions with Stellar Sales Copy

Sales copy is often overlooked or is written hurriedly by folks who lack the required knowledge to craft high-converting content. Contract a Fiverr freelancer who specializes in creating winning sales copy to drive conversions on your site.

37. Ensure Error-Free Content and Communication with a Proofreader

It never hurts to have a second set of eyes to look over your business’ copy.

This is especially true when it comes to sales letters or outreach emails that you need to be absolutely perfect.

Sending out content riddled with errors – even minor ones – makes you look unprofessional and ruins your business’ credibility. Therefore, hiring a freelance proofreader to check all copy before it’s published or emailed can save much embarrassment and help you position yourself as an authority. Fiverr’s proofreaders can double-check for errors that you might miss on your own.

38. Move Your Site to an Appropriate Domain

Switching domain providers or thinking about picking up a brand new domain due to a rebrand?

Although doing so seems simple enough, freelancers can help you figure out the right type of domain and get your site set up. You’ll need someone to manage the redesign, set up redirects, and more. Having full-time IT or development staff is costly and not always necessary. High-quality freelancers can fill this skills gap, provide vital on-demand services, and save you money and resources.

39. Win More Visual Customers with an Explainer Video

Entertaining and engaging, explainer videos grab your customers’ attention and encourage them to check out what you’re selling without having to read a massive wall of text.

For example, you can put explainer videos on your homepage or product pages to drive shoppers to spend more time learning about your product. You can create such videos for an individual product or service or your entire business. Many Fiverr videographers specialize in explainer videos and can produce one for your small business, too.

40. Use Voiceovers to Give Your Presentations a Sense of Professionalism

Let’s say you’re producing content for your business but you want to squeeze more out of it.

For example, businesses that produce blog posts should consider how they can repurpose that content into video or audio. Voiceover artists can take your written content and transform it into something professional and presentable.

Fiverr Pros like Tlimpert have worked with Fortune 500 companies and can give your business’ voiceover a serious sense of credibility.

41. Make Sure Your “Out-of-the-Box” Business Site is Performing Properly

Keeping your website polished and functional is obviously a top priority.

Even “out-of-the-box” websites that seem simple on the surface require optimization that could ultimately impact your ability to convert customers or show up in search engines.

Rather than hire a web developer help full-time, let a Fiverr Pro set up and manage the upkeep of your web properties on an as-needed basis. Whether you’re running on WordPress, Drupal, or another platform, you can find a freelance web developer who can get the job done.

42. Build a Chatbot to Engage Customers Around-the-Clock

As small businesses look to put more and more of their communication on autopilot, building and setting up a chatbot requires a specific skill set.

Whether it’s a Q&A bot for your site of Facebook Messenger to handle queries when you’re not around, let a Fiverr chatbot developer create a bot that makes connections with your customers.

43. Save Serious Time by Outsourcing Your Data Entry

Data entry is arguably one of the most tedious tasks that any given business has to deal with.

Don’t spend your valuable time digging through spreadsheets. For the sake of freeing up your schedule and focusing on what you’re good at, hiring a freelance data entry specialist can help you win back valuable hours in your day.

44. Review Your Business Plan and Company Goals

From year to year, no industry stays the same. And your business doesn’t stand still, either. Reviewing your business plan and company goals yearly is a great way to make sure you’re still on course, decide whether you need to make any drastic changes, and identify new business opportunities.

To keep up with trends and competitors in your space, a freelance business advisor can guide you, helping you identify and focus on goals that will lead to growth and project scalability. Whether your top priority is competitive analysis or marketing strategy, a second opinion and guidance from a business advisor is a game-changer.

45. Build a Webinar Funnel to Educate and Convert Customers

Webinars are a brilliant way to educate your customers and highlight your industry expertise.

Building a webinar funnel is no small feat, though. For starters, you need to not only know how to gather emails and drive sign-ups but also know what to say when it becomes time to present to your audience. Leverage the skills of Fiverr freelancers to produce cold emails, drip automation, webinar strategy, webinar slide decks, and presentation outlines.

46. Save Time with Transcription Summaries

Transcription is yet another time-consuming task that’s ideal for outsourcing.

Whether it’s an interview or presentation, freelance transcribers provide quick turnaround to turn your audio into error-free text. This is again another great example of taking one piece of business content and converting it to a new medium for distribution.

47. Start Sending SMS Messages to Your Dedicated Customers

It’s no secret that we’re all glued to our phones. Therefore, many small businesses are investing heavily in SMS, as text messages boast eight times the response rate of email.

Getting started with text message marketing is easier than you might think, too. For example, Fiverr freelancers can send bulk texts to your subscribers and analyze the results of your campaigns as you reach more mobile customers.

48. Undergo an SEO Audit to Find New Ways to Rank via Search Engines

If you suspect something might be up with your search traffic but you don’t want to commit to a full-blown site revamp, look no further than an SEO audit.

A freelance SEO consultant can identify weak points in your SEO strategy and provide actionable tips to improve your rankings. Beyond your audit results, many Fiverr SEO experts also provide clients with a list of suggested solutions to make their audits immediately actionable.

49. Show Off Your Product to Niche Audiences with Social Media Influencers

Today, many customers are turned off by traditional marketing, but often turn to social influencers for reviews and confidence in the authenticity of a brand.

Influencers essentially promote your business to their engaged social followings on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. Having an influencer show off your products in the short-term or long-term can build buzz for what you’re selling and introduce you to a totally new audience.

50. Explain and Entertain with a Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos are a specific type of explainer video that provides your promotions with a sense of personality.

Animation isn’t just reserved for massive brands thanks to Fiverr Pros who can produce animations that can seriously sell your products. As an alternative to traditional explainers or videography, whiteboard animations are playful and instantly give your service a “big business” vibe.

How Are You Using Freelancers to Scale Your Small Business?

Leveraging freelancers is the best way to scale small business productivity and get more work done.

Diverse skill sets and expertise from hires that won’t break the bank. What could be better?

This list covers a small portion of what Fiverr freelancers can do to grow your business on your terms. If you’re ready to hire freelancers or simply learn more about what Fiverr’s talent is capable of, start your search today and watch your business blossom.

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