5 ways to elevate your next in-person event

(BPT) - By: Lisa Fait, managing director of strategic accounts for hotels and conventions

As we move into 2023, momentum for in-person events, meetings and conventions continues to grow post-pandemic. After nearly three years of virtual alternatives, attendance for in-person events is growing, according to MarTech's Event Participation Index.

While event planners may be looking forward to the shift back to in-person gatherings, they have a tough job on their hands. Driving attendance and engagement to ensure success can seem like an overwhelming task. To help you overcome the stress and worry that comes with planning events, meetings, conferences and conventions, FedEx Office offers several services for seamlessly planning and executing your next event.

With over 150 locations in hotels and convention centers across the U.S. in key meeting markets, FedEx Office provides on-demand event solutions for every traveling marketer.

1. Production and installation

Space at a large conference or convention is valuable. Grabbing the attention of event attendees requires large, eye-catching visuals. FedEx Office's state-of-the-art production equipment can produce stunning, large-format pieces for your event. These hotel and convention center locations also have experts available to help you install your materials and make the most of your valuable event space. And don't forget branded promotional products for your attendees to remember your event.

2. On-location parcel management

Instead of traveling with extra or oversized luggage full of event materials, why not ship directly to your event location? FedEx Office has over 70 parcel management locations in premier hotel and convention center locations. This means the FedEx network can pack, ship and receive precious goods directly to and from your event location.

3. Consistent impressions

FedEx Office uses exacting procedures and tools to ensure that all printed materials look the same regardless of where they are printed. This ensures that materials printed in Miami will be consistent in color, size and quality as one printed in D.C. You can also take a virtual tour on FedEx.com to discover all the ways to create brand impressions, from tabletop tents to enormous wall graphics.

4. Design-to-print services

FedEx Office has now joined forces with Canva, the world's fastest-growing design platform to deliver a seamless digital-to-print marketplace. With access to millions of images and illustrations, an extensive library of templates, and a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create your own marketing collateral such as banners, flyers, postcards, menus, booth materials and more and have them ready for you with our next-day printing at any FedEx Office location.

5. Experts on the ground

Get support from the very start by planning your event at a hotel with a FedEx Office. Our specialists work on location every day, so they know the space inside and out. They understand what print applications work best and where to install them for maximum engagement during your event. They'll help you transform your space into a brand billboard while you plan your event from afar.

Excite and inspire your event attendees with the help of these services. When you choose to host an event at a location with FedEx Office, you can streamline the process from planning and setup to tear-down - and make sure your guests have a memorable experience. If you would like to know more about how FedEx Office can help you with your next event, click here to request a consultation.

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