5 Types of Interactive Content Generating Buzz in 2021

Interactive content creates two-way interactivity between the brand and its audience. Research shows that interactive content gets twice the engagement of static content. What interactive content is generating the most buzz in 2021? Here are five types to incorporate in your content strategy: 

1. Clickable Infographics

Infographics get more traction than text conveying the same content. Users process visual data at a rate 60,000 times quicker than text. This makes them more likely to digest your content, gain from it, and share it. Clickable infographics take it to the next level by making them interactive. Readers can digest snippets of the graphic at a pace they control through clicks or scrolling.

Use a web tool like Thinglink to add clickable links anywhere on an infographic. D3.js is a more advanced tool that lets you add interactive animations to data points and make them scrollable. Fiverr features a host of affordable infographic designers you can count on to create a visual that appeals to your audience.

2. Quizzes

Quizzes get engagement, and you can use them to get more signups for your email list. Quiz your audience on a topic they want to know more about to assess their knowledge level. Have users enter their email address to get their personalized quiz result. 

For example, a business coach creates a quiz that assesses strengths and weaknesses in business owners. The results of the quiz can tell them where they should focus their efforts going forward, and how you can help. Website plugins like Chained QuizLearnDash, or mTouch Quiz let you create quizzes for your website. To get help from a pro, work with a Fiverr freelancer who specializes in making online quizzes that also work on mobile devices.

3. Polls

Polls require participation for users to view the results of all respondents. They can be centered around questions and concerns in your industry your readers have. Or, they can revolve around current trends or opinions on industry events. Create polls on your social media accounts and embed interactive polls inside your blog posts using WordPress plugins like YOP Poll and WP-Polls.

4. Online Calculator Tools

With the help of a savvy coder, you can create a unique online tool that drives evergreen traffic and engagement on your website. Tie it into your product or service in a way that’s useful for your targeted audience. 

If you sell an online business training program, provide website visitors a calculator that determines the potential ROI your training could provide them based on the data they enter. If you’re a web design agency, create a tool that generates personalized color schemes or runs diagnostics on a web page’s performance. 

The makeup company bareMinerals took it a step further, creating a mobile app that helps users find their perfect foundation shade by snapping pictures of their wrist and face.

5. Live Q&A Video

Hosting a livestream Q&A session with your audience is a cost-effective way to boost engagement. While the engagement isn’t evergreen since it’s contained within the time spent streaming live, it still creates a lasting piece of content. Give your fans the details in advance about when and where the Q&A session will air and encourage them to come with questions.

Real-time interaction with your audience is useful for listeners and for you since you can learn about your audience’s concerns and tailor your content to their specific needs. In addition to taking questions and answering them, you should also ask one or two questions throughout the livestream and ask viewers to respond in the comments. 

Optimizing Your Content Strategy for 2021

Digital consumer trends change so quickly today that brands must tweak their online content strategy year after year. Go through your static content and repurpose it into new content that has an interactive element. Polls, quizzes, live Q&As, and clickable infographics are some of the content formats that garner the most user engagement and highest ROIs in a content marketing campaign. Find affordable freelancers who show they can get the work done so you can boost the quality and interaction level of the content you put out in 2021. 

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