5 Reasons Why You Need a Project Manager

Making a project successful is a challenge. 

There will inevitably be a last-minute change, a miscommunication, or an unforeseen bump along the way.  Of course, you don’t have the time to oversee all communication, timelines, and organization of a project to ensure it runs without a hitch, but that’s where a project manager comes in. A project manager specializes in these skills and is an expert at making projects smooth and successful. 

A project manager’s job is to keep your team on track, make your project successful, and make your life easier. If that sounds like something you could use, then here are 5 reasons why your project needs a project manager:

1. Increase Your Success Rate

Having a project manager will increase the likelihood of your project being successful.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), a project using project management practices is 2.5 times more successful than a project that does not. Additionally, 90% of projects are successful when using project management practices. 

2. Improve Efficiency

Having a project manager will also improve the efficiency of your team. A project manager will delegate tasks to appropriate teams. This way, everyone knows what tasks to focus on, producing more quality results. 

Often, companies will take client requests that challenge their current processes, forcing them to create new ones. Project managers will streamline and develop these processes, leaving you with efficient processes for optimal performance. This way, your team can work smarter and faster.

3. Reduce Risks and Costs

A project manager will also call-out potential risks that could hinder your project and cut into your margin. 

A PM will identify how these could affect your project and will provide guidance to cut these risks. PMI found, per billion dollars budgeted, $122 million were lost due to a lack of project management. Sometimes companies don’t want to spend the money to hire a project manager when in actuality hiring a PM could improve their bottom line.

4. Keep Your Project on Track

It is a project manager’s job to protect the integrity of the project from start to finish, making sure it lines up with your end goal. A PM has many responsibilities that contribute to this, like creating project timelines. They will manage the progress of your team, making sure all needed deliverables arrive at certain checkpoints throughout the duration of a campaign. 

A PM will also improve your project’s organization. This will make problems visible and prevent information from getting lost. Having a PM will also limit scope creep, and last-minute client requests that could derail your project. Ultimately, a PM keeps your team focused and moving towards your goal with as little bumps as possible.

5. Main Point of Communication 

The project manager will also be the main point of contact for all communications on your project. They handle all communication between your team, vendors, departments, and clients. This way, all information is coming from one source, reducing miscommunications along the way. 

Fiverr Studios Makes a Difference

If you are unsure if your project needs a project manager, then start out by using project management software. 

This will not fully manage a project like a project manager, but it can help organize them and keep your team informed about their progress. Fiverr Studios is a great software to use if you are managing a team of freelancers. It allows you to work with all your freelancers in one place, giving full visibility to all contributors. 

All potential risks and costs will minimize, allowing your project to be as profitable as possible. In the end, having a project manager (or something like one) will save your company time and money while improving your processes for new growth.

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