5 impactful home design trends coming in 2023

(BPT) - Think your space is ready for a new look in the new year, but don't know where to start? A Delta Faucet product designer shares her timeless kitchen and bathroom trends she's seeing in real customers' homes for a fresh look in 2023 that will last for years to come.

'There are so many beautiful products on the market; homeowners should seek products that not only are beautiful, but also impactful,' says Maris Park Borris, Delta Faucet industrial designer. 'Design should evoke emotion. Homeowners want to create new experiences in their spaces and are encouraged to do so now more than ever.'

The top five home design trends for 2023 are leaning into the innovative, personal, unique and lasting. The country is no longer stuck at home, but we still see home as an extension of ourselves that represents who we are as people. To create your own new experiences in the home, here are five trend predictions for 2023 to start incorporating in your own space.

1. Embrace natural tones and materials

Natural and organic materials bring an airiness to a room while also being timeless and long-lasting. Rather than bold, bright colors, natural warm tones will be popping up more and more in the kitchen and bathroom.

'Natural materials are acting as showcase materials - from concrete to stones, woods, porcelain, tile and crystal,' says Park Borris. 'We are finding a lot of these natural materials are timeless in influencing mood and design.'

2. Create beautiful, gallery-like spaces

You love your things, so why not display them? 2023 will ring in luxe, gallery-like spaces. Think of a standalone tub as a statement piece or open shelving in a kitchen as a way to display your favorite items that normally would be hidden away.

'And allow luxury to go beyond aesthetics and create comfort for all your senses,' says Park Borris. 'In 2023, free yourself to make rooms experiential, not just functional.'

3. Make a statement (wall)

A statement wall can completely shift the design of a room quite easily. A floral wall in the bathroom or a tropical print behind the sink can bring life and personality to the space.

'Anything with patterns, either vintage-looking or modern, can shift design intent and complete a room,' says Park Borris. 'I see a lot of mural wallpapers too - they can be quite transformative and can really seal a design.'

4. Make your space work harder

You may not be in a position to upgrade to a larger space, but 2023 trends will bring more options to utilize what you have. Don't see a kitchen as just a kitchen; maybe adding a small desk in an unused corner makes it a work-from-home kitchen.

'A lot of people are not looking for more space, per se, but looking for better-organized spaces that work harder with split functionality,' says Park Borris. 'We've expected so much of our homes recently and that thought is not going away.'

5. Be authentic and break the rules

It's your space - it should be a reflection of you. Throw design rules out the window and create a truly authentic space you love.

'I believe people will continue to make their spaces their own,' says Park Borris. 'There aren't as many rules of design as there used to be. I believe the things that evoke personal emotion will always be in style and our spaces will evolve as our styles do.'

2023 will bring in many trends in home design. Whether it's natural materials or a pop of pattern with a statement wall, authenticity will be key.

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