5 Graphic Designs You Should Be Using Other than Infographics

An infographic can be a great asset to use for promoting your brand and increasing engagement. But really, are they always worth the effort? 

Whether you are creating your brand’s many necessary graphics all by yourself, or are fortunate enough to hire an in-house graphic designer, you know that infographics, in particular, can be incredibly time-consuming to create. 

Sure, infographics can be great for web traffic and can be used as a catch-all to stimulate your audience visually as well as get across a certain amount of information. However, the information can often be overwhelming and can get confusing if the designer tries to include too much data. So, what else is there? 

Five Graphic Design Options to Use Instead of Infographics

There are many alternatives to use besides infographics that will yield just as good, if not better, results. Here are a few graphic design options to help you get your point across. 

Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are great options to organize data in a way that is not too wordy and does not visually overstimulate. If you have specific metrics of information you’d like to share, you can easily relay it via a chart or graph. Types of these graphics include:

  • Pie charts
  • Bar graphs
  • Line graphs
  • Graphical maps

These charts and graphs are the perfect go-to’s if you are looking to change up how you relay lots of information without overdoing it. Use apps like Canva to create stunning graphs and charts that are sure to engage, inform, and impress. 

UI Graphics

UI graphics or user-interface graphics are trendy, eye-catching, and allow you to show off your app or website without the viewer visiting or downloading anything. It gives you the chance to sell your interface before the end-user makes any physical or mental commitment. 

You already spent the time designing everything, so if you create a graphic displaying what it looks like when your product or brand is in use on someone’s phone and people like it, they’ll be quick to jump in and download your app or view your website. 


Though stock images and corporate photography will always have its place, the use of illustration for brand design and advertising has taken over, becoming one of the most useful and trendy ways to catch consumers’ eyes. 

Brands like Etsy, Asana, Salesforce, among many others, have taken to illustration for the promotion of their business and services. Illustrations are relatable and add a new, creative flavor that will surely spice up any advertising campaign no matter what you’re selling. 

Animated GIFs

If you are looking to show off your brand’s personality, animated Gifs are the way to go. They are the perfect blend of photography, animation, and video, and are likely to retain the viewer’s attention longer than any of the three options alone. 

Animated Gifs are interactive and show that your brand is trendy, fun, and always looking to keep up with the digital marketing status quo. Gifs are easy to make using apps like Giphy or Photoshop. 

Video Graphics

Videos are probably the most influential type of digital content to make these days. A well-made video graphic that is visually appealing, informative, and short enough to keep the viewer’s attention is hands down a winner in the marketing world. 

One significant benefit is that you can use any combination of what we talked about in this post to create an immersive piece of information in video format that is useful to the viewer and sharable across platforms. There are numerous video editors you can use to create quality content that will engage and inform your audience. 

Find a Graphic Design Expert Using Fiverr

Infographics can be great ways to convey information about your brand and industry. However, there are many other ways to get your point across while keeping your audience engaged and informed. 

Fiverr’s diverse team of freelance graphic designers will help you narrow down exactly what type of content you’d like to create.  Whether you are looking to make a stunning video graphic, or a pie chart using your latest brand statistics, Fiverr is here to help you get the job done. 

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