5 Essential Roles You Need On Your Marketing Team

An effective marketing strategy is not complete without a full-proof strategy and reliable team players. 

The implementation of these strategies is another job in and of itself. It often entails expanding your team and searching for the right individuals who can bring your end-of-term goals to fruition. With that in mind, a thorough team can save you time, increase profit margins, and provide the analytics you need to meet and potentially surpass your business objectives. 

If you’re ready to build an all-star lineup of your own, here are five roles you’ll need to get ahead:

1. Website Content Specialist

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind. 

In fact, many teams do not even have the opportunity to sit and discuss companywide objectives and their overall mission. This is when a website content specialist comes in handy. Your website is a great place to start this discussion with your team. Together with an expert writer, you can perfect your mission and layout the results your company aims to achieve.

A Fiver Pro freelance writer can update all copy and ensure the website is well-aligned to your goal and objectives.

2. Real-Time Research Specialist

While your team bears the weight of making key marketing decisions, you can alleviate some of this load by acquiring an expert researcher to help you reach the next level. 

In order to direct and build momentum in the right direction, you will need to learn more about what your competitors are doing, get a feel for what your customers think, and see how you can angle your unique selling points. 

You can easily find a pro researcher who can comprise a detailed report or create a case study for your customers to learn from. 

3. Digital Ad Illustrator

Exposure is a great way to generate brand awareness and it doesn’t have to be demanding on your part.

Today, customers want to be entertained and well informed. Not to mention, they also expect a high level of transparency. This constant need for content is here to stay, but it doesn’t have to feel like a burden. An on-call digital designer is a key addition to your team—an expert designer can create digital illustrations, explainer videos, and animations to keep new and existing customers informed. 

With less on your plate, you have the time to focus on high-impact activities that are geared towards long term goals.

4. Social Media Content Curator

The social media content mill is a time-consuming task.

The hard truth is you won’t see growth in followers unless you spend the time posting and engaging on these platforms. Plus, many customers do most of their shopping and brand comparisons on social media outlets, so it’s important to add a content creator to your team to connect with customers through a variety of mediums.

A hired expert can take a huge weight off of your marketing team and give them time to plan ahead. They can also help you with ideation and organization as you meet deadlines and publish content on multiple platforms.

5. Versatile Website Designer

Website design is an art in and of itself—a crisp and minimal website is visually appealing and makes it more user-friendly. 

Your website holds a lot of power. It is a key source to track site visits, gage customer demographics, advertise new products and special offers, and give customers a close look into what sets your product or service apart. This is why you will need to add an expert website designera professional who is always on call to refine your designs and update copy

With Fiverr Pro, you can always have a web designer on-hand. This is someone you can count on to make changes as they come, revamp pages, update any designs, and create icons. 

Build Your All-star Marketing Team

As the economy continues to shift toward a modern gig economy, the ease of hiring a freelancer and branching out is a no-brainer. 

It only takes a few minutes to find a skilled pro. If you’re ready to build your marketing all-star team, head over to Fiverr and research professionals that are right for you!

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