4 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Customers and Employees

(BPT) - As the country continues to navigate challenges brought on by the pandemic, 2021 has also shown to be a year of optimism. People are looking ahead with hope, parts of the world are starting to open back up and businesses of all types are reimagining the way they will operate in a post-COVID era.

Finding ways to stay connected and maintain relationships with customers and employees has never been more important. Here are four creative ways to help your business stay connected with team members and engaged with clientele.

1. A Healthy Mindset

With health and wellness top of mind for so many people, water bottles serve as a great, and convenient, gift to keep your customers and employees hydrated and healthy.

2. A Token of Appreciation

Awarded an RFP? Closed on a house for a client? Small tokens of appreciation, such as a branded tote, backpack or cooler pack, are sure to delight and can go a long way in cementing a meaningful and long-term partnership.

3. Support Your Team

In addition to working full-time jobs, many employees have also had to juggle facilitating remote learning for their kids, caring for elderly or sick family members, or even being isolated from their loved ones for more than a year. Whether back in the office or working from home, office essentials - notepads, desk accessories, stationery - are very much needed, and a great way to show your employees you care and support them.

4. A Gift that Keeps on Giving

It happens all the time - we grab our phone to make a call or send an email only to find it's dead. We need earbuds to listen to a podcast or dial into a conference call because there are distracting sounds like barking dogs or yardwork occurring all around you. What better way to keep your business top of mind for your customers and prospects than branded portable phone chargers or earbuds? These items will definitely save the day.

As we adapt to this new world of work, FedEx Office is dedicated to supporting business owners as they pivot operations and overcome challenges driven by COVID. The new online branded marketplace from FedEx Office is powered by Harland Clarke's leading promotional products offering, one of Vericast's many solutions designed to help businesses engage with their customers. Businesses can customize high-quality promotional products and use them to reconnect with their most important audiences in a unique and relevant way, whether in person or remote.

With new challenges and continued uncertainty, driving thoughtful connections with customers and employees is critical to a company's bottom line. Remember - a branded item is seen not just by the person using it but also by every individual who encounters that person that day. So, start designing your promotional products and building brand recognition today!

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