3 ways to find more meaning at work

(BPT) - Employees make career decisions for a variety of reasons, but an increasingly popular factor that many consider is whether their work will be meaningful - especially among younger generations.

According to Fidelity Investments, 86% of all workers say it's important to them to work for an employer with values that align with their own and half of all employees are considering changing employers in the next year - with many searching for more meaningful work.[1]

As such, employers are realizing it's more important than ever to connect with their employees on the things that matter most to them and to put their company's values at the front and center.

With so many workers considering a career shift, employers are turning to workplace giving programs to demonstrate their authentic company values and attract and retain their workforce. In fact, Fidelity data shows nearly 8 in 10 employees at companies offering a workplace giving program say their company's values align with their personal values - compared to only 56% of employees at companies without one. Workplace giving programs include any employee benefit that supports and encourages employees to volunteer or make donations to charities. Here are three ways employees use workplace giving benefits to find more meaning at work.

  • Setting up or attending organized group volunteer opportunities in their communities.
  • Receiving a matching donation from their employer when they donate to charity.
  • Working with local organizations in need and holding corporate giving drives around the holidays.

These programs not only boost engagement at work, but they also help employees find a deeper sense of connection to their company, and their jobs. Additionally, employees also feel more connected to their coworkers - many of whom are returning to in-office work for the first time in years.

For more information about workplace giving opportunities, visit Fidelity.com/giving.

[1] Fidelity Charitable Giving in the Workplace 2023

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