3 Traps that Can Wreck a Freelancer’s Career to Oblivion

Some freelancers are thriving, making five to six figures monthly, while others barely have enough money to pay their bills.

What’s the difference between the two?
What are the bad practices unsuccessful freelancers are doing that’s keeping them from experiencing the breakthroughs and abundance that successful freelancers are enjoying?

That’s what we will cover in this guide.

We will look into the traps that freelancers are walking into that’s sinking their careers into oblivion.

1. Highlighting accomplishments over benefits

Remember, your customers don’t want a drill; they want a hole.

They don’t want an umbrella; they want to stay dry when it rains.

Can you see how this translates to your freelancing business?

When relating with your customers, don’t sell your “umbrella,” sell the comfort they experience when they stay dry despite heavy rains.

Stop highlighting who you are and what makes you awesome, rather, focus on how they can benefit from your services.

Consider these examples.

  • “I am a seasoned writer.” vs. “Forget about the tedious and time-consuming tasks of writing. I got you covered.”
  • “I’m an excellent graphic designer.” vs. “Quadruple your sales through compelling graphic designs that catch your audience’s attention.”

2. Cheap is better.

A lot can go wrong when you embrace the “cheap is better” mindset.

You nurture a scarcity mindset.

Your clients will find the quality of your services questionable since it’s overly cheap.

And your earnings suffer even though you’re burning the midnight candle every single day.

Instead of presenting yourself as the cheapest there is, focus on adding value.

Think about your customers’ pain points then position your product as the solution. The more frustrating the problems you solve, the better you can price your services.

Think about it. Despite how crazy expensive surgeries are (depending on the surgery, of course), people still visit surgeons to have the operation.

It’s all because of the colossal pain point the patients are experiencing. They so want to get rid of their illness that they’re willing to pay top-dollar to get the job done.

The same logic can be applied to freelancers.

Remember that your patients customers have pain points they’re desperately trying to address. If you have the solution to their issues, then be confident about offering your services for the right price.

When you price your services correctly, you earn more while working less hours. When your rates are dirt cheap, you’ll work more hours while earning less.

3. Money over everything.

While the value of money can’t be understated, it should never be the be-all and end-all of freelancers.

When you approach your freelancing career with a money-driven mindset, you’ll have the tendency to sacrifice your health, relationships, and even morals just to amass money.

You end up sick and pay hefty hospital bills.

Your relationship with your clients suffers because you’re perfectly OK with scamming your way to get their money.

You’ll live an empty and shallow life — the best things in life can’t be bought with money after all.
To succeed in freelancing, you need to honor relationships, credibility and have a genuine concern over others. When you have these going for you, growing your income becomes a natural outcome.

Your clients will want to work more with you because they can sense your genuine concern for the health of their business.

You smile more and have a better disposition in life because you feel healthy.

And you become committed to your work because your goals aren’t shallow (like amassing money), rather, you have meaningful pursuits such as helping people, etc.

What’s next?

What are some of the best tips you can share with our readers about growing a successful freelancing career?

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