3 technology challenges for entrepreneurs and how to handle them

(BPT) - As a small business owner, you face many challenges. From stiff competition for customers to getting your name out there in a crowded marketplace and of course, balancing your budget, there’s always something new that needs your attention.

Investing in technology can help alleviate many of the concerns your small business faces, but if not approached properly, a tech investment can open your company up to an entirely new set of problems. With that in mind, this article takes a strategic look at some of the most common technology problems small business owners face and provides you with tips to tackle them, and get back to running and growing your business to be everything you imagined.

Challenge 1: Finding the right technology

The technology offerings available in today’s market have grown exponentially. That’s good news for your business but it can also make finding the right solution for your needs more challenging.

To solve this problem, focus on tried-and-true methods. Read reviews, pay attention to professional reports and listen to what experts are saying on social media. You can also speak to current and former colleagues to learn more about what types of systems they utilize.

And if you need comprehensive support beyond those options, you can also partner with a technology advisor to outfit your business with the appropriate solutions. The right partner prioritizes and determines the necessary solutions that build a foundation for current growth and future innovation. Dell Small Business advisors, for example, are available to answer your questions and offer you advice, no matter the size of your company. Engage the team in a live chat on Dell’s Small Business website to find the right solution for your needs.

Challenge 2: Solving the money issue

The financial implication of every decision is always a focal point for any small business, but this is especially true when it comes to your technology spend. After all, as technology improves, businesses need to know they are purchasing tech that will support their needs for as long as possible, helping them to remain relevant. In fact, a recent study from SMB Group found 72 percent of respondents felt that using new technology effectively is key to the company's survival and growth.

Partnering with an established small business advisor — as discussed above — can deliver on this need, but you can also ensure you’re using the latest tech by opting to utilize leasing solutions. Instead of buying in particular cases, leasing allows you to maintain the competitive advantage cutting-edge technology provides you at a fraction of the cost. And, when your lease ends, it’s easy to move on to the next solution.

Challenge 3: Integrating a new solution with your existing systems

When you add a new employee to your staff there’s always a certain gelling period. The same is true with new technology. It isn’t always a given that a new solution will integrate with your older existing systems.

Therefore, this digital transformation challenge is one many small businesses face. According to the same SMB Group study, only 21 percent of small businesses strongly agree that they have a well-defined strategy for digital transformation. To help simplify transformation in your company, Dell business laptops, such as Latitude and Vostro, include a variety of connection ports, enabling them to work with more of your existing systems and streamline your company’s integration needs as much as possible.

Finding solutions to your small business’s technology needs today

In today’s highly competitive market, your small business can’t afford to ignore any potential advantage. While many of these are tied to technology, you don’t have to let concern over making the wrong decision bar you from exploring your options. Apply the tips above and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. Your business and its tech will be better for it.

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