3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2022 the Best Year of Your Life

(BPT) - Making New Year's resolutions is not only a great way to ring in 2022, it's also the perfect opportunity to spark lasting positive changes in your life. To help you set clear-cut goals and come up with a new action plan, here are some proven methods for getting more out of life in 2022 - including adopting greener lifestyles, learning new hobbies, and taking a more active approach to health and fitness.

Go Green for a More Sustainable Planet.

Make it a Green New Year with environmentally conscious lifestyle changes that help us grow as individuals and make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Start Using Reusables. Embark on your zero-waste journey by committing to reusables. But don't try and replace all your items at once, because breaking down your ambitious goals into smaller steps is the rule of thumb for turning an action into a habit. Replacing paper and plastic grocery bags with a 'bag for life' is as good a place to start as any. Keep a reliable stash of such reusable bags within reach and sight - by the doorstep or in the trunk of your car - so that remembering to take them with you for every shopping trip is a breeze.

Save on Energy. Reducing your household energy usage is the simplest and yet most effective way of reducing your eco footprint - not to mention you'll be slicing your electricity bills in half. Before you start setting any goals to cut back, take some time to monitor how often you and your family are using household appliances. Why not consider bringing in some help in the form of smart home partners like LG ThinQ? Because with such innovation working by your side you'll gain access to monthly usage insights on the easy-to-use LG ThinQ app. Once you know which gadgets you're using most, optimize the energy efficiency of each appliance by activating an energy-saving mode that's available for the latest household products from providers like LG. With an intelligent solution that takes care of all the bumps and snags in your conservation plan, going green is as easy and cost-effective as it's ever been.

Take Up a New Hobby.

Not only for the sake of fun and entertainment but an opportunity to learn new skills and feel more fulfilled, try dedicating yourself to a new leisure activity this new year.

Choose Carefully. We've all been guilty of taking on something new but then quitting as soon as our enthusiasm begins to fade. To ensure your next hobby isn't just a one-time thing, take a more deliberative approach: try understanding who you are and what you're looking for with your next activity. For the creatively inclined, for instance, starting a journal, blog, or even trying your hand at vlogging (video logging) may be perfect for channeling that creative energy. For those looking for something more on the physical side of things, yoga, Pilates or jogging are not only enjoyable and social, they're also easily accessed and incorporated into everyday life.

Follow Through. Fitting a new hobby into one's busy schedule may seem daunting. That is why, when starting out, you should set realistic and achievable goals (SMART goals). Taking up cooking? Don't expect to be as skilled as Gordon Ramsay after just a day, week or month of practice. Avoid difficult gourmet recipes at first; build up your culinary skills by learning to make the simplest dishes - even a meal kit will do. LG's InstaView® Oven Ranges bring all the joys of cooking to aspiring chefs, minus the puzzling guesswork that's a real put off. Just scan the Scan-to-Cook meal barcode with the LG ThinQ app, and the recommended settings will be sent over to the connected oven. Once the cooking is done, an alert will be sent to you via the app, with a beautifully prepared dish ready to be enjoyed fresh out of the oven.

Put Your Health First.

This year, with all its unprecedented changes, was a time to redirect our attention to well-being. Follow up on these changes for the better by establishing healthy habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Sit Less, Move More. If you haven't the time or energy for regular exercise, rest assured - even a moderate level of physical activity can benefit your health and, in some cases, turn your life around. Plus, the resolution can be easily tailored to your very own daily routine without an intricate plan-ahead. If you take a ten-minute commute by car every morning, for instance, turn it into a thirty-minute walk.

Prepare Your Own Food. Good nutrition is the foundation of healthy living, and the best way to make sure your meals contain all the daily nutrients and vitamins you need is to cook them yourself. Therefore, make sure you've got all the basic, most-used ingredients stocked up in your pantry and refrigerator. But with so much fresh food in your home, you're going to have to keep stock of them all, especially those perishables. Butter, egg substitutes, fresh and ground meats, and soft cheeses are all key ingredients that must be consumed within their expiration dates. With LG ThinQ compatible refrigerators, smart notifications on those foods closing in on their expiration are sent straight to your phone - just remember to set the expiration dates for your food items, so that the app can monitor accordingly. Now that that's sorted and all your food is fresh and full of flavor, what's left for you to do is simply putting together tasty and balanced meals that will do wonders for your tastebuds and your body.

A New Year's resolution doesn't always lead to a dramatic transformation in your life. However, it does always signal your drive toward personal development and positive growth. So, best of luck to you and Happy New Year.

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