3 insights into how your brand can entertain the young generation

(BPT) - The brands of today are engaging with Gen Z by tapping into their vibrant personalities and sense of fun. Instead of using traditional marketing tools that young people have grown tired of, adept brands are utilizing modern entertainment channels that help their message stand out.

To come across as a 'fun brand,' it's crucial to identify what the youth of today find entertaining. Here are some business insights into the unique entertainment cultures of the leading generation, and how they could fit into your next brand campaign.

1. Hand over the mic

Gen Z are known for their passion for expressing creativity online. For them, generating content is as much fun as consuming it, perhaps even more so. So, to effectively target Generation Create, try reverse tactics: Instead of handing over completed content, invite them to finish it off for you through their knack for content creation.

Brand Co-Creation: With your collaborative campaigns, let the younger generation co-create your brand with you. There are various ways such a campaign could go, from receiving innovative product ideas and designs to giving young consumers the creative freedom to make your digital branded content for you.

Empowering with Purpose: To maximize engagement, ask them to exclusively put out content they actually care about. Remember, this generation is all about authenticity, so let them speak up about the things that genuinely matter to them. LG, for instance, hosted a collaborative film project encouraging young adults and teens to share their life's good moments. This straightforward message resonated with 531 young creators for making a final film that received overwhelmingly positive responses from the critics and the public. LG also provided an opportunity to make a song with Charlie Puth for a few winners among a total of 1,092 entries by hosting the Life's Good Music project.

2. Make a Connection with Branded Challenges

Connection is an important part of the leading generation's entertainment. Especially in these pandemic times, young people are searching for ways to make engaging online connections and have fun at the same time - hence, the rise of viral challenges on online platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Keep it Simple: Jumping on this viral online challenge trend is a great way to build brand touchpoints with young consumers, but make sure it's easy for them to get involved. Keep in mind that you're targeting a digital-native generation living daily in a flux of content, and that their attention span can waver.

Go Viral with Music: Most challenges that go viral use an amazing backing track. A well-thought-out song can bolster user engagement while promoting brand identity through a memorable sensory experience. Take note of LG's #LifeisGoodDance TikTok challenge, which launched this month. The bright, catchy song is easy to dance to while still perfectly embodying the company's cheerful Life's Good message.

3. Don't Overlook Gamers

For younger generations, gaming is not only a means of entertainment but a new social platform to meet and hang out with friends. Gaming services like Twitch and Steam have been growing exponentially and quick-thinking brands have already carved out parts of the seemingly endless marketing potential that exists in this space.

Always think Ethically: For brand collaborations undertaken on gaming platforms, make a careful and informed decision on which creators send out the right message to your audience. Consider the creator's reputation among platform users to avoid any backlash that might come from what the people that represent you do or say.

Mashing Events with Gaming: Young gamers cater to shared experiences that offer connection and excitement, which is why brands are more than ever using gaming platforms as the venue of promotional events. Take Travis Scott's collaboration with Fortnite - the in-game concert, featuring visual and physical tricks to bring out the party spirit, engaged over 27.7 million users. Another brand experimenting with the gaming space was LG Electronics, and its U.S. office showcased an epic Fortnite battle between Megan Fox and DJ Khaled in its Only OLED campaign.

Creative, more connected than ever and able to reinvent social spaces, this unique generation is undoubtedly hard to reach - but if you succeed in doing so, their support becomes the cornerstone of a lasting brand.

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