25 Nonprofit Marketing Statistics for 2023

It’s tricky being a nonprofit marketer. You’re often left wondering if it’s okay to spend part of the money on marketing your fundraisers, or if you should just spend it all on the cause itself.

However, marketing — especially for nonprofits — couldn’t be more vital for the betterment of your beneficiaries. By raising awareness and engagement, nonprofits can achieve their goals and make a real difference in the world.

Use these nonprofit marketing statistics to inform your marketing strategy and maximize your budget in 2023 and beyond.

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Why Marketing Matters for Nonprofit

Nonprofits that invest in marketing can have more of an impact. They’re able to get their nonprofit organization in front of more people.

“Nonprofits have to use marketing tools and tactics to tell their stories, spread their impacts, and garner support from the greater community,” says Joshua Fields, co-founder of the nonprofit The Next Step Programs.

"The more connected we are with the community, the more families we reach, the more services we provide, and the more resources we can generate.”

Setting aside a budget for marketing can increase the impact of your message, the money your raise, and the number of volunteers you have. Other benefits include:

  • Raising awareness for your mission.
  • Attracting new donors and supporters.
  • Building relationships with current donors and encouraging donor retention.

To effectively build your strategy, you’ll need to understand the landscape of nonprofit marketing. We’ll explore essential trends in the next section.

Nonprofit Marketing Statistics

The State of Philanthropy

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Which Nonprofit Marketing Channels Generate Results

nonprofit marketing stats, Funraise’s Biannual Global Trends in Giving Report

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share of direct fundraising budget by channel

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Nonprofits Social Media Statistics

Nonprofit marketing communication expectations by generation

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How Users Want to Make Donations

Making the Most of Your Strategy

One thing remains constant with these stats: Data-based decisions are more important than ever.

Invest in a nonprofit technology that tracks and provides visibility for all your data. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the nonprofit marketing world and trends shift.

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